The Bloke Behind MAFSfunny Said His Mum Hates Ines Basic, So He Set Up A Chat Between Them

The guy behind Instagram meme pages MAFSfunny and Bachiefunny secretly orchestrated an interview between MAFS alumni Ines Basic and his Mum in the UK, who he said hates her. It’s the interview we didn’t know we needed, but the interview we deserve.

The UK is only airing season six of MAFS Australia now, and they are just as shocked at the drama. That means that Ines has been copping heat for her treatment of ‘husband’ Bronson all over again. The hate has become so bad, that Ines has had to turn over death threats to the police.

One of Ines’ many haters is the man behind popular meme page MAFSfunny’s mum. So of course, Josh tee’d up an interview between the pair on his podcast Not Another Reality TV Podcast to see if like Australia, his mum would change her mind about our bitchy resting face icon.

Before the interview, Josh’s mum thought Ines was “horrible” and has an “attitude.” She is also up to the part in the season where Ines and Sam do the dirty. You know? That really awkward and staged sex scene where they kiss in the dark and it’s so uncomfortable to watch.

Straight off the bat, Josh’s mum asked Ines why she chose to go on the show. Ines admitted that even she asked herself the same question post-show, and honestly had no real answer.

The MAFS alum was also asked about that infamous eyebrow ring incident, where she slammed Bronson for his choice of facial jewellery.

“I haven’t personally seen many of them in Australia,” Ines said about why she found the eyebrow ring a turn off.

Ines also admitted that there was a lot that Australia didn’t see, like her positive interactions with Bronson and how Sam really hurt her when he ditched her.

“I was really upset. Because no one really knew the extent that it went to off-camera,” she said.

“What a dirty bugger,” Josh’s mum added.

So was the convo enough to change the UK mum’s mind? Yep, she realised that Ines is actually a decent person IRL.

“That shows you the power of editing. The power of TV,” Josh’s mum said.

Listen to the whole ep here: