MAFS’ Hugo Finally Addresses The Claims That He Hooked Up With Lyndall

Have you really been on Married At First Sight if you’re not hit with re-coupling rumours the moment you’ve left the show? The answer is no.

Since filming wrapped for good in December, many of the contestants have found themselves smack bang in the centre of rumours that they’re dating another MAFS 2023 alum.

We’ve gotten to the bottom of Cameron Wood and Tayla Winter’s spicy FaceTime dalliance, Josh White and Lyndall Grace‘s smooch and hypothesised over Evelyn Ellis and Duncan Jamespotential relationship.

But now, it’s time to examine the allegations Cam spurted on The Kyle And Jackie O Show last week that his on-screen wife Lyndall was hooking up with fellow groom Hugo Armstrong.


Thankfully, our tired yet inspired MAFS experts, Chantelle Schmidt and Jules Rangiheuea from the We’ve Done The MAFS podcast, have gotten to the bottom of the rumours during their latest episode featuring Hugo and Ollie Skelton.

And let me tell you, the gals wasted no time finding out the tea.

“I can say with 100 per cent certainty that me and Lyndall and have never done anything out of bounds,” Hugo clarified.

Although he was clear that there’s nothing romantic going on between him and Lyndall, he admitted that after the whole Cam-Tayla situation, they’re pretty close pals.

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“Me and Lyndall are mates. We can call each other and chat whenever we want. After the experiment was over, Lyndall and me would chat because she obviously had thoughts that she wanted to share about Cam and I’m a listener,” he explained.

But they’re not the only rumours that Hugo has found himself in the centre of.

ICYMI, in March Hugo was spotted out and about with Aussie fitness influencer Carla Florencia Mari Chatkiewicz. While fans suspected that they could be an item, the whole thing had completely fallen off Hugo’s radar. 

“So no truth in the rumours about you and the influencer?” co-host Chantelle asked.

“Oh Carla? I completely forgot about Carla,” Hugo laughed.

“Carla’s absolutely not forgettable. Carla is wonderful. Carla is a close friend from Melbourne. I live up in Sydney and at the moment I am single,” he concluded, in a way that felt like if he didn’t say her name five times fast she’d pop up behind him like a horror movie jump scare.

I bet 10 bucks Hugo will use one of these MAFS shots on Hinge at some point. (Credit: Instagram / Hugo Armstrong @_hugo_armstrong)

Well, there you have it. Consider those rumours debunked. But get ready to spark some new ones with THIS new batch of steaming hot goss straight off the pod.

To conclude the episode, the gals end how they always do, asking their guests to name which of the MAFS contestants they’d fuck, marry and leave from their season.

While Ollie answered with Tahnee, obviously, Hugo’s answer was more compelling. 

“Let’s get the safe one out of the way, let’s say we’re gonna leave Tayla,” he began.

“Let’s agree with the Daily Mail and the rest of Australia and say that we wanna get with the hottest bride that’s ever been on MAFS. We’ll say Evelyn. We love Evvie. She’s a legend.”

Me, trying to act surprised when Hugo said he’d fuck Evelyn.

Absolutely no surprise on those two. But who he said he’d be down to marry? Tea.

“Marry, of course, it would be Lyndall,” he said.

When accused of fuelling the rumours that he’d just attempted to debunk, Hugo tried to set the record straight.

“Lyndall is quite an empathetic person and I would like to think I am as well. I think the way we kind of chat, hang out, approach life’s problems, we’re very similar and we just get on pretty well.”

To me, it’s giving “I’m down if you are” energy. No shame in that game, my friend.

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