Here’s Why Disney Daddy Josh Was Randomly With Lyndall & Hugo For The MAFS DickTime Debrief

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

You know what was weird during MAFS last night? Disney Daddy (Josh White) sitting with Hugo Armstrong and Lyndall Grace while they were discussing the sexting between Cam Woods and Tayla Winter

It was very “he doesn’t even go here” energy (sorry) considering he was not married to either Cam or Tayla.

Anyway, because we’re serious journos here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we spoke to Josh to find out the answers to the questions that keep us up at night.

Seriously, I slept much better once I knew why Shannon Adams suddenly looked so different on the show. Knowing these things are good for the soul — I don’t make the rules.

Take it away, Thor.

“At that stage of the experiment, the reunion was a month after filming had finished,” Josh explained to PEDESTRIAN.TV.

mafs australia mafs recap mafs 2023

“I had met Hugo at the boys night and we became quite good friends.

“I had spoken to Lyndall after she left the experiment leading into the reunion and we had become good friends as well.”

ICYMI: Josh confirmed he kissed Lyndall after MAFS ended. Cam also sparked rumours that something might be going on with Hugo and Lyndall.

This tangled web just makes this G-rated threesome even more baffling and interesting.

Hugo and Josh were also likened to one another at the boys night which makes this even weirder.

Anyway, Josh said he heard some things on the grapevine in between MAFS ending and the reunion happening. This is why, it seems, there was a level of investment on the night where it all came out.

“After the experiment had ended, I had heard a few things about different cast members that didn’t sit well with me,” Josh said.

“It’s why I mentioned that there was a need for comfortable pants whilst scores were being settled.”

mafs australia mafs recap mafs 2023
oh em gee

“So, in that scene you saw at the reunion, I joined the conversation, having some concerns for two friends and how they were responding to the news that was swirling around the group about Cam and Tayla.

“Watching it now as part of the audience, I heard Lyndall refer to two people having told her previously. I was one of them.”


I feel like the plot just keeps on thickening. Why does our sweet Disney Daddy know about the DickTime before everyone else?

He does seem like the voice of reason when someone does something silly like rocking out with their cock out at the club.

he clubs out remote

While during the MAFS reunion episode it looked like Josh was weirdly supervising the conversation or something, he says he actually played a part in the conversation. Participant observation at its finest.

“I did join the conversation at several points, and shared my thoughts, although it doesn’t show that,” Josh explained.

“I was there at the start of the conversation. Dan [Hunjas] was also there at a point in the conversation as well.”

So there you have it.

  • Josh knew about the scandal heading into the reunion
  • Josh was close with both Lyndall and Hugo at the time of the revelation
  • Josh is Hugo’s honorary dad
  • Josh actually did speak in that conversation, we just didn’t see it
  • So did Dan?

Can’t wait for more tea to come out of the MAFS reunion tonight. It never ends.