An intruder on this season of MAFS has called out a well-liked cast member for allegedly being an undercover bully. This week, Tayla Winter posted a very spicy Instagram Story accusing Lyndall Grace of being drastically different to her wholesome on-screen persona.

Knowing that she would soon have her login swiped by the show’s production team to avoid spoilers, the 27-year-old nurse from Hobart didn’t hold back judging by screenshots obtained by

“I feel it’s important to get this out before my accounts get taken,” she wrote.

“Lyndall, you’re the biggest bully I’ve ever met. This article is surface level and the amount of hurt you have caused many people is damaging and dangerous.

“I’m hoping people get to tell their truth and the real story is heard sooner rather than later.”

The post has since been deleted in an extremely messy turn of events.

It is thought Tayla’s outburst could have something to do with a Daily Mail article published earlier this week.

The report claimed and Josh White (currently married to madame horny herself, Melissa Sheppard), began seeing one another after the show finished filming.

Word on the street is that Josh even flew to Perth to see Lyndall and give things a proper crack, clearly in more ways than one.

This is an absolute bombshell of an update considering Northern Territory carpenter Cam Woods and Lyndall appear to be getting along fine and dandy.

Lyndall and Cam’s lovey-dovey vibe looked to be cemented after audiences witnessed Cam’s mature and caring response to hearing Lyndall had cystic fibrosis.

But, we’ll say it once we’ll say it a thousand times, it’s always the couples that cop the good edit early on that you have to watch out for the most.

MAFS absolutely froths a villain arc and let’s be honest, so do we.

Will we be getting one this season? I guess we’ll find out. It’s all hearsay at this point.

The next episode of MAFS will air on Sunday at 7.00pm on channel 9 and will feature Season 10’s first Commitment Ceremony.

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