‘MAFS’ Twitter Agrees: Connie & Jon’s Thesis Inspo Wall Was Super Chill & Not At All Alarming

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The latest episode of MAFS saw some couples attempting to pick up the pieces (*ahem, Michael and Stacey*) and others starting to, uh, waver a little (*ahem, Connie and Jonethen*). Oh yeah, there was also a couple in which one partner flat-out admitted they weren’t attractive to the other (*ahem, Steve and Mishel*). It’s a whole thing – head on over to the official episode recap for ultimate tea-pouring.

As always, you had a lot to say, so let’s dive in, shall we?

First off, struggling couple Connie and Jonethen’s relationship mind-map exercise on the mirror was, uh, interesting. Most of us couldn’t believe how extensive the list was – a literal thesis – given that they’d only known each other for a coupla weeks.


Connie does have nice handwriting, though. She absolutely would have been one of the first in her class to get her pen license.

A lot of people just couldn’t get over how out of sync the duo were with their emotions, though.


Moving along, Seb did the robot. That is all.

He also took Lizzie to a strawberry farm (which, like, obviously wasn’t set up by producers at all) and it gave Lizzie major flashbacks to the time Sam fed her strawberries.

From #StrawberryGate, we welcome #RickAndMortyGate.

Steve’s admission about not being attracted to Mishel was definitely shocking, but, I mean, when Mishel offered a little tongue with their peck earlier in the episode and Steve flat-out refused, the writing was most definitely on the wall (sorry, I told myself I’d stop talking about writing on fucking walls…  and mirrors).

Behold, the best tweets that summarise the clusterfuck that is all of the couple’s rollercoaster relationships at the moment.




And with that, I leave you with this frightening concept…

Dear God.

Until next time, friends.