MAFS alumni Connie Crayden says current contestant Bryce Ruthven was trying to get into her pants not long after he split from his fiancée last year.

On Wednesday, Bryce appeared on Hit 90.9’s Bianca, Dan & Ben, and was asked about a rumour that he had hooked up with Connie.

“Ugh, Connie,” he groaned. “Does she look like my type of girl?”

He added: “I can guarantee that never happened.”

(What a yucky response. Just say it’s not true and move on.)

Speaking to The Wash today, Connie shared what actually went down with her and Bryce.

According to Connie, they became friends after he interviewed her for his radio show while she was on MAFS and she literally went to his house to have lunch with him and his then-fiancée, Lana Bongioletti.

But after Bryce and Lana split up, when they would talk he would “twist things and make them flirtatious”. He was “hyper-sexualising everything”.

“It was almost like he was using me as a way to get over his breakup,” she added.

So when he wouldn’t fkn quit it, she blocked him on all social media platforms.

Here’s what she said about the Bryce sitch in full:

“I thought I had a new friend, we got along so well, and I went over to his house and had lunch with him and his fiancée Lana. I adored her and thought they were great.

“Then when things got rocky for them [as they split up], he’d come to me for advice from a woman’s perspective. When we spoke he’d always twist things and make them flirtatious. Hyper-sexualising everything I said and pushing boundaries.

“It was getting too hard to have a friendship with him. It was almost like he was using me as a way to get over his break-up. I was like, ‘No, this is not how it is, you’ve got it all wrong.’ I had to block him on all forms of social media.”

Last year, Connie was matched with Jonethen Musulin. The couple made it all the way to the final commitment ceremony, where she made a speech about learning to love herself and finally ended things.

Sounds like she carried that ethos into her dealings with dirty dog Bryce, a man who is not only believed to have cheated on his fiancée repeatedly before leaving her to go on MAFS, but who is rumoured to have had a secret gf during filming.

That’s without even going into the way he’s doing his TV wife Melissa Rawson wrong, time and time again.