Connie Still Won’t Shut The Fuck Up About The Emoji Saga On ‘MAFS’ & Twitter’s Had Enough

mafs connie emoji

It’s a Sunday, which means it’s officially Married At First Sight o’clock.

As you’d expect, we’re still talking about Connie and Jonethen and the fucking emoji saga.

Honestly, any relationship that fights over the use of an emoji for more than 30 seconds sounds like a train wreck. I’m not entirely sure why they’re still fighting over this when they’ve only known each other for a few weeks. YOU. ARE. NOT. COMPATIBLE.

I’m not sure how many episodes the emoji saga has been going on for now, but the fact that it’s lasted more than one is enough to have me yawning into oblivion.

The relationship is sounding REALLY repetitive at this point.

Some fans on Twitter pointed out that Connie’s behaviour is maybe a little unfair and unhealthy.

When it came to the commitment ceremony, Connie and Jonethen rehashed the fight once again. Naturally, the judges tried to get them to stay, blatantly ignoring the fact that these two strangers just aren’t compatible at all.

Connie voted to leave, but Jonethen wrote “stay.” So folks, it’s time to sit down and buckle up for another week of listening to this fucking emoji argument.