MAFS Lads Bryce And Sam Punched On In Public & The Footage Has Killed My Last 3 Brain Cells


Married at First Sight rivals Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro have taken their on-screen conflict one step further by throwing hands at a celebrity boxing match in Melbourne last night.

Nick Furphy from season four of the TV series was uploading Insta stories from the event throughout the night and had the camera rolling as Carraro and Ruthven attempted to use their fists to solve their problems.

Earlier in the night, Furphy uploaded an Insta story of Ruthven smiling at the camera in a still shot, with the caption “@BryceRuthven is calling out @Samcarraro7 to get in the ring”.


According to the Daily Mail, after his in-ring victory against Love Island contestant Todd Elton, Carraro used his post-match interview to challenge Ruthven to a fight and called him “Gonzo” – a name he had been called on MAFS due to his large nose, which is incredibly original and witty… Carraro then left the boxing ring and walked down to where Ruthven and other MAFS cast members were sitting.

The viewing party included a who’s who of people that make you feel smarter by watching them say dumb shit on TV including Jason Engler, Belinda Vickers and former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Jamie Doran who famously threatened to sue Channel 10 over what he alleged was an unfavourable and untruthful depiction on the show. Reporting by So Dramatic! earlier this month suggests that the lawsuit is still going ahead.

As Carraro walked down to where the teeth-bleached D-listers sat, it looked as though he was challenging Ruthven to a fight. Watch the full video of the scuffle below which Furphy captioned “guess these lads will be getting in the ring”.

Carraro, who was still in his boxing attire and buzzing with adrenaline, eyeballed Ruthven who had since stood up from his table.

The pair then made a pathetic attempt to make contact with one another before being pulled away by their respective groups of mates.

A few seconds passed before Carraro ducked underneath his friends and sprints towards Ruthven. This time, all hell breaks loose and everyone surrounding the pair is recalled to break up the violence including Ruthven’s fiancé, Melissa Rawson who had just given birth only two months earlier in October. Yikes.

While it’s not pretty normal for boxers to stage beefy encounters to promote an upcoming bout, I feel like we’re all dumber for having watched this. For that, I am deeply sorry.

Please feel free to cleanse yourself with some David Attenborough or some shit.

Ruthven and Carraro are now trading blows on social media post IRL fight. Check out their choice words right here.