19 Tweets From The First Night Of MAFS Where Everyone’s Frothing The Dan Andrews Lookalike

MAFS 2021 is finally here and Australia was more than ready for all the lip fillers, cheating scandals and the experts having the worst takes ever. Another bonus is Twitter, because that’s where all the people with a personality go to vent about the show.

Straight off the bat we were introduced to our brides/grooms and it’s clear that it’s going to be a very vanilla season. I haven’t seen a whiter group of people since Imagine Dragons.


And that guy who does all those press conferences was there. What’s his name again… Daniel Radcliffe? Daniel Ricciardo?


We’re also introduced to the only guy in MAFS history that I’ve ever considered hot. So I’ll forgive Brett for his pick me energy when he said his sense of style was unique. Yeah, I could literally walk down Sydney Road, Brunswick and see five identical men to him. BUT in comparison to the calibre of men this show usually attracts, yes he is unique.

Brett also said he’s attracted to funny women. So I hope for my sake his marriage doesn’t work out, because I want to marry him now.

Melissa (angel we must protect at all costs) has very Connie from MAFS last season energy. Hopefully, (unlike Connie) she doesn’t get fucked over by a guy who messages clubs to skip the line *cough* Jonethen *cough*


Coco is the designated bad bitch. But if we’ve learned anything from Ines Basic, that role can be flipped at any moment.

Rebecca on the other hand, seems to be a real bitch. I feel like she’s called me fat and ugly just with her eyes. She has the same energy as a Kookai shop assistant who calls you babe.

Bec also doesn’t know who Princess Diana is…SO MASSIVE RED FLAG.

But Bec’s friend Kristy… she can stay for the whole season, thank you.

And next ep, Coco compares herself to beloved cereal Coco Pops, which does make me question whether that was a PR stunt?? Because suddenly I want to eat those delicious little choccy treats.

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