Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is very much aware of his doppelgänger on Married At First Sight this year, and this morning he gave his “deepest sympathies” to the poor MAFS husband for having a similar mug to him.

Big Dan chatted with Fifi BoxBrendon Fevola, and Nick Cody on the radio on Thursday morning, where the elephant in the room was eventually brought up – just how much Russell Duance is his fairer-haired spitting image.

Fevs broached the topic when explaining that he had told his wife Russell “had to be Dan Andrews’ brother” while they were watching the MAFS premiere together.

“It has been drawn to my attention,” Andrews said, with a laugh.

“The gentlemen in question has my deepest sympathies. To have to wander around looking like me – and having people compare you – that’s a tough gig.”

Full credit to him, Dan definitely clocked the fact that he probably doesn’t have the greatest mug in town, and also knew that looking like him probably doesn’t buy Russell many favours when he’s getting around.

Considering how divisive Dan Andrews is among the public (especially down here in Victoria where it seems a minority bloody hate his guts) I can’t imagine you’d be too stoked about the whole MAFS-obsessed community suddenly pointing out how much you look like one of the most prominent pollies in the country.

Though I guess if Russell really wants to lean in on the similarities, he could start his commitment ceremony speech with “We all right to go?” or rock up in a North Face jacket.

I mean if looking like Dan Andrews is the worst thing that’s happened to you so far on MAFS, I guess you’re not doing too bad Russ. At least you haven’t outed yourself as a full-on misogynistic fuckwit… yet.

Image: Married At First Sight / Getty Images / Darrian Traynor