The Internet Is Smelling A (Gym) Rat After That Sweaty Sesh Between Daniel & Carolina On MAFS

The internet is firmly team Dion after a deeply uncomfortable argument between him and his wife Carolina. Because if MAFS does one thing well, it’s uncomfortable arguments!

ICYMI, you can catch up on all the goss from the episode in our recap here. To give you the gist, Carolina isn’t interested in her hubby Dion, he of the shiny jacket.

Instead, she wants Jess‘s ex-hubby Daniel.

As Carolina says about 14 times during the episode, she loves the gym. Daniel is a personal trainer. The maths is mathing.

I, a lesbian, can’t imagine anything more heterosexual than falling for someone because you both like the gym. The straights are fighting!!

Dion also prepped a whole charcuterie board (the best way to a woman’s heart), wrote Carolina a letter about his feelings and bought her the same flowers from their wedding. I hate to give a man in a sparkly Balmain jacket the time of day but it was genuinely really sweet.

Twitter very much agreed.

Of course you can’t make someone like you and you should never try to engineer an attraction if it’s not there. But Carolina’s treatment of Dion this ep seemed particularly mean.

At least he’s got a wardrobe full of fancy jackets to wipe any tears on.

While Daniel originally emerged from the whole Jess-calling-him-a-little-bitch situation as the holder of internet goodwill, he swiftly lost it this ep.

Ah, the fickle romance between the internet and reality TV stars.

That being said, the good people of Twitter were compelled by the potential for chaos.

And the mystery of WTF was in Dion’s wine glass after he moved into his own apartment.

The other highlight of the episode was Cody’s step-dad Greg who basically told him it was a dick move to refuse to hug Selina when she was upset.

Along with giving some actual good advice, Greg looked weirdly like Paul McCartney. The cameo we never knew MAFS needed.

And to finish our epic quest, I’ll leave you with my favourite MAFS rumination of the night about the show’s cinematographic choices.

See you tomorrow night, gym-slash-love rats! XOXO

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