A Nightclub Didn’t Let Jonethen Skip The Line Bc Of The Way He Treated Queen Connie On MAFS

Jonethen Musulin from MAFS has been publicly roasted by a The Grand Poobah in Hobart, after he tried to skip the line to get into the club.

Jonathan with an e messaged The Grand Poobah asking to skip the line in exchange for a post. However, the cheeky club weren’t buying it, and instead told him to stay in the line as a way of getting back at him for how he treated ‘wife’ Connie Crayden on MAFS.

“Hey I’m in Hobart for one night and would love to come in,” Jonethen said in the club’s DMs.

“Currently in the line am I able to post to cut the queue,” he continued.

“Nah you can stay in the line…this ones for Connie,” The Grand Poobah wrote back.


The absolutely brutal convo was shared on the Wash’s Instagram page, and judging by the amount of people tagging their friends in the comments, they loved the public roast.

The MAFS alum angered Australia with his constant flip-flopping between wanting to make things work with Connie and wanting to be completely done with her. It was super confusing for everyone to watch, and even more confusing for poor Connie.

But the most downright confusing thing that Jonethen did was when he wrote leave at the commitment ceremony, but said he was secretly hoping Connie would write stay. HUH? You can read a recap of that episode here.

Basically, Jonethen thought that even though he had no feelings for Connie whatsoever, those feelings might ~develop~. Which is basically another way of saying, I was hoping she would write stay so that I could be on TV for another week.

And look he did get his wish, he stayed on the show long enough to get a decent following on Instagram. But not enough to get into Hobart clubs, unfortunately. So how famous is he really?