A Sneaky Kylie Jenner Vid Has Exposed Her Lock Screen Image & Of Course It’s Timothée Chalamet

If you needed any more proof to help you believe that Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet really are dating then you’re in the right place. I’ve finally found the piece of the puzzle that really makes me believe the unlikely couple are together. And yes, the cynics might say this gesture is just Kris Jenner working her magic, but I feel like this little sign is giving Gen Z authenticity.

On Thursday Kylie was spotted traipsing around Milan for Milan Fashion Week, as you do when you’re a Kardashian-Jenner. She was one of the many celebs in town including Sofia Richie, Emma Watson and Gigi Hadid.

But when she was papped outside of Prada’s Milan Fashion Week show, fans noticed something special about her iPhone lock screen – it was a close-up picture of Timothée kissing her cheek!!!!!

I know we’ve been reeling from all the celebrity breakups this year but I’m taking this as a sign that love isn’t dead. Hallelujah!

I’ll admit, I did not believe their relationship was authentic at first. In fact, I wrote about how their supposed connection was purely for PR over, and over, and over again. I even made a fkn TikTok about it. But after eight months of speculation, I’m willing to fold.

I love love. And while I suspect that maybe the origins of their relo kicked off through a strategic introduction from our queen Kris Jenner, I only get genuine vibes from the videos of them together. And I don’t think Kylie could fake it like acclaimed actor Timothée could.

Plus, people online are starting to jump on the Kylie-Timmy bandwagon too.

Don’t believe me? Check out this absolutely bonkers fan vid.

It’s giving Tumblr in 2013, isn’t it?

In conclusion, I may be a sucker but I will always be a sucker for love. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

(Image Source: Instagram / Elle Mexico)

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