Kylie Jenner Is Under Fire For Decorating Stormi & Aire’s Bday Party With Astroworld Inflatables

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Voice of Penelopuff in the 2021 blockbuster film Trolls: Holiday in Harmony Kylie Jenner is under fire by some fans for seemingly theming Stormi and Aire‘s joint birthday around Travis Scott‘s Astroworld festival, where 10 people died in 2021.

Kylie was called out online after she posted pictures to her Instagram story of giant inflatable heads which looked eerily similar to the ones on Travis Scott‘s album cover for Astroworld.

“Isn’t this tasteless after the Astroworld tragedy… where children died?” wrote one fan on Reddit.

“CHILDREN died at Astroworld — only fitting that they would make it into another birthday party theme. So tone deaf,” wrote another.

Some fans however pointed out that Kylie has been doing this “giant inflatable head for my children” thing for a couple of years now. Astroworld came out in 2018 and for some reason, I guess the couple really wanted to alter that concept into Stormiworld?

“They change the head but this is the same as 2020 but silver,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

“At this rate, Stormi’s going to have this damn head at her wedding. Why do they keep reusing the same theme it was tired two years ago.”

The only year Kylie didn’t bring out the Stormi balloons that she clearly keeps in storage was in February 2022, just a few months after the Astroworld tragedy. The question is: was it okay for her to bring it out in 2023 now that the image of a giant inflatable head is so attached to the terrible things that transpired at the festival?

A part of me feels as if Kylie just does this for herself. There’s no way in the world Stormi asked to have her head inflated so she can dance through her own mouth. Whatever happened to jungle or space-themed bowling and laser tag parties? Did we forget about the joy of pink princess Macca’s parties with a fairy ice cream cake at the end?

Kylie Jenner is yet to comment on the criticisms made against her, but has made two posts (one for Stormi and one for Aire) for their birthdays.

“I gave you the gift of life and life gave me the gift of you,” Kylie wrote in her Stormi post.

“AIRE. my son, my moon, my stars. Best year of my life with you. you complete us, my angel,” she wrote in her post for Aire.

Maybe next year the kids can just get toys?