Peep The Wholesome Moment Kelly Clarkson Helped A Couple Get Married During Her Concert

Singer and talk show host Kelly Clarkson has kicked off the new year with an extra special moment at her Las Vegas residency by helping a couple hold an impromptu wedding ceremony during the extravagant gig. We love to see it.

In a video that has surfaced from the singer’s Chemistry: An Intimate Evening With Kelly Clarkson New Year’s Eve gig, the talk show host took a moment to help a gay couple get married.

As Clarkson made her way through the crowd, a couple — revealed to be Marcello and Brian — stopped the singer and told her that “they’d been together for 15 years” and decided to tie the knot during her show. How fkn wholesome.

“Our wedding is tonight, with you,” Brian told the singer.

After Clarkson gasped in both excitement and shock, the pair explained that they wanted the singer to “serve as a witness” to their marriage as a third man appeared, revealing he was the officiant for this romantic quickie celebration.

As the “Since U Been Gone” singer gave him the mic, the officiant began the whole ceremony with the usual “we gather here today” spiel.

“By the power of Kelly Clarkson’s show… I pronounce you both husband and husband,” the officiant before the crowd erupted in cheers.

(Image source: YouTube / TheMrKingAlex)

Clarkson then took a selfie with the newlyweds before moving along to greet other members of the crowd. It also seemed like she shook the hand of a woman who was related to the couple, however, it is not confirmed.

I am absolutely obsessed with Clarkson for just going with the flow and allowing these two to celebrate their love during her concert. It’s also definitely one way to bring in 2024 with the best vibes ever.

It doesn’t seem like Brian or Marcello have come out on social media to talk about their one-in-a-lifetime experience with the “Breakaway” singer, and TBH they’re probably enjoying their new year by celebrating their new relationship status.

I honestly can’t wait until they spill all the deets on their quickie marriage!

It seems like a lot of celebs are attempting to harvest the best energy possible for this coming year. Game of Thrones icon Sophie Turner celebrated the upcoming new year with her best gal pals and Sophie Ellis-Bextor utilised the revival of her tune “Murder On The Dancefloor” to invite the best vibes for 2024 on TikTok.

Hopefully, we can keep the optimism going to manifest one of the best years ever.

Image source: YouTube / TheMrKingAlex