Watch Sandra Bullock And Kelly Clarkson Be Absolute Agents Of Chaos In An Iconic Interview

Global treasures Sandra Bullock and Kelly Clarkson have caused absolute chaos in an iconic episode of Clarkson’s TV show.

If somehow you’re unfamiliar with these two icons, Bullock is an Oscar winner and star of the best rom com ever written (The Proposal) and Clarkson is a Grammy Award winning singer who changed the trajectory of every 14 year old girl’s life with the song ‘Since U Been Gone’.

In an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show – which is now officially the only thing that can save daytime TV – the two gave what can only be described as absolute bestie vibes.

One clip from the show, which is doing the rounds on Twitter, shows Clarkson asking Bullock about whether her children sing and it sounds like an excerpt from Bridesmaids or maybe Succession.

Bullock: “They say [singing talent] skips a generation. My parents were opera singers, I can’t sing…my parents were both singers – they’re dead”.

Clarkson: “OK, but that’s cool”.

Bullock: “That they’re dead?”

Clarkson: “No, that they’re singers! It’s so sad that they’re dead. I’m sweating!”

Tell me this isn’t a Paul Feig script.

Also, as writer Bolu Babalola pointed out on Twitter…Sandra Bullock’s kids are adopted.

Then, when the duo were discussing Bullock’s new film The Unforgivable, Clarkson asked whether Bullock was good at forgiving.

Sandy’s response? “No. I have not forgiven my parents for dying”.

Why did we stop putting Sandra Bullock in comedies? I am now petitioning for a Miss Congeniality 3 which will feature Kelly Clarkson in a supporting role as a former Eurovision contestant.

The rest of the interview was also just a delight, with Clarkson mentioning multiple times how much she was sweating in excitement (relatable queen).

In another section, Clarkson was quizzing Bullock about restoring homes which devolved into Bullock making fun of Clarkson’s ‘DJ hands’ and asked whether she called her a whore.

This clip? This is my source of serotonin for the next month.

There is truly nothing like watching two beautiful women giggling with chaotic abandon or seeing Sandra Bullock chant “it’s a holiday episode” in a demonic voice.

Obviously this single video is the only good thing to happen to the world in the last eighteen months, so the Twitter folk went wild for it.

And thank you Ms Kelly Clarkson for finally ushering daytime TV into its good era.