Known boyboss Jason Oppenheim has thrown just a tad of shade at Selling Sunset legend Christine Quinn, claiming people were “tired” of her villain era. I will never be tired of a scary blonde woman with handbags more expensive than all my worldly possessions put together.

After five seasons on the show, Christine Quinn sadly won’t be coming back for Selling Sunset Season Six. Who will wear the neon designer clothes and tiny bags now?

In Season Five, Christine left the Oppenheim Group — run by Jason and his twin brother Brett — to start her own brokerage.

Speaking to Page Six, Jason revealed he thought Christine leaving the show was probs a good thing.

“I think people were tired of watching that dynamic continue season after season,” he said.

“So I think if anything, it’s provided a breath of fresh air for the office and for the show.”

He also said he didn’t enjoy some of the “drama” of Season Five.

ICYMI, fellow Selling Sunset star Emma Hernan and Christine had quite the beef on the last season.

At the end of Season Five Emma alleged Christine tried to bribe one of her clients with US$5,000 via a third party. According to Emma, the bribe was to stop this client working with her. Christine has denied Emma’s claims.

“It’s not the type of drama that I enjoyed being a professional real estate broker,” Jason said.

“I wasn’t happy with the type of issues being brought to my attention.

“I think it ran its course.”

However, Jason also said he wished Christine the best and knows “she is doing great things, especially in the fashion space”.

In contrast, Brett Oppenheim told People not having Christine was a “big loss” for the show ‘cos she’s “made for reality TV”.

“We stay in touch, just not so often. Just mostly over Instagram or a text here and there,” he said.

Both Brett and Jason also spilled a wee bit of tea on Selling Sunset Season Six.

According to Jason Oppenheim the drama does not, in fact, calm down. I’m glad to hear there will still be wild quantities of beef even without Christine.

“It made it a little bit difficult in the office but I think it probably makes for good TV,” he said.

As well as more drama, we can also expect a couple of new agents.

“I’m not going to tell you who’s fighting this season, but there is fighting for sure,” Jason added.

Okay sir, intrigue me!

Brett said while he had concerns going into the new season, he’s “really proud” of the final product.

“I think everybody stepped up and it just ended up being unexpectedly an awesome season.

“So all concerns have been completely diminished.”

According to Brett, shit really hit the fan when he and Jason were in Europe. A The White Lotus Season Two and Selling Sunset crossover? Yes please.

I have to admit, I’m now thoroughly intrigued about where Season Six will take us. Until it drops, you can relive alllll the Selling Sunset drama on Netflix. Time to whip out the fantasy house Pinterest board again.

Image: Netflix / Selling Sunset