Selling Sunset’s Creator Revealed Just How Much Help The Gals Get With Their High Glam Looks

selling sunset glam hair makeup

Where some actors do their own stunts, the Selling Sunset cast largely does their own hair, makeup and outfits for the show. So that glam you’re seeing in the office, at house showings and shooting sharp looks across long dinner tables is all them, baby.

The show’s creator Adam DiVello told Variety that Netflix only foots the beauty bill when the Selling Sunset cast is sitting down for their interviews that are injected throughout the show. Everything else we see is all the work of the Oppenheim Group girls like Chrishell StauseEmma HernanMary Fitzgerald and Christine Quinn — though I’d hazard a guess the latter probably gets her own makeup artists in every morning.

“I made that decision really early on, in their day-to-day, that we’re not providing anything,” he said.

“Because how you dress, and what you wear, and the bag you carry and the shoes you wear, that’s all a representation of you. That’s your personal style, and I didn’t want to mess with that.”

Chrishell said she’s sometimes been called to shoot unexpectedly and it’s just been sheer luck that she’s had something on hand to throw on to “glam up” for the show. One of those days was the episode where she and Emma Hernan visited a property which resulted in Hernan running out to get a photo on the ledge of an infinity pool.

“That day, something fell through and somebody had to cancel and I got a call last minute to meet with Emma and do this house,” Stause said.

“This was one of those days that I didn’t have a glam team and I kind of threw myself together and luckily I had that outfit ready, and it ended up working out.”

Even though they get very minimal help from the film team with their day-to-day looks, Hernan said it’s still fun to get herself all tizzied up for shooting days.

“Glam is everything to Selling Sunset,” she said.

Selling Sunset wouldn’t be Selling Sunset if we were coming in our workout clothes and sweatpants — although I love some workout clothes and sweatpants — it is fun to get glammed up.”

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this very interesting reality TV intel it’s that I absolutely want to get the Selling Sunset girls to do my makeup one day.