Chrishell Says She’s Tired Of Selling Sunset Drama & Dropped Receipts Proving Fans Are Too

chrishell drama selling sunset instagram story

Chrishell Stause has seemingly gone a bit rogue on the Insta Stories this afternoon and shared a bunch of DM replies from Selling Sunset fans who want less drama on the show.

She posted up a “very small fraction” of replies to a previous story that cryptically called out someone for being “willing to throw anyone under the bus to get that 15mins” of fame.

chrishell selling sunset drama instagram story
Well I simply need to know who the drama llama is. [Image: Instagram / @chrishell.stause]
‘Tis a spicy post in and of itself, but the reactions from Chrishell’s followers speak volumes — they want to see more of the ludicrous houses the Oppenheim Group style, show and sell.

“Personally I want to see amazing homes, ‘only in LA’ homes, real real estate issues that arise,” Chrishell wrote with the first post of responses.

“Fun or cooky (sic) clients we have and the real and sometimes weirdly close bond we have all formed in working together.”

chrishell stause selling sunset drama
[Image: Instagram / @chrishell.stause]
“Too much drama for me these days, and not enough houses!” one person responded.

“Yeah honestly the drama is getting chaotic afffff,” another replied.

Chrishell posted a third slide of responses from fans who continued to agree the drama on Selling Sunset was beginning to overshadow the premise of the reality show — to give plebs a look-in at how the ridiculously rich live in Los Angeles.

chrishell selling sunset drama instagram story
Hello Netflix please help. [Image: Instagram / @chrishell.stause]
“Posting a very very small fraction of what I see constantly so the people in charge can see,” she wrote.

“The audience is not stupid. And I don’t have the patience anymore for this dumb bs. Y’all I’m tired.”

And here I was thinking that the next season of Selling Sunset would be less chaotic after Christine Quinn revealed she wasn’t coming back to the cast.

“Some drama is entertaining, but too much just gets cringeworthy and I just switch off,” one fan admitted.

“Would much rather see LA homes and lifestyle and the relationships you guys form than petty bullshit drama that gives misogynists fuel against women.”

Another said they stopped watching the show when it became less about selling the lusted-after LA sunset and more about the interpersonal drama between the Oppenheim Group staff.

Who knows what’s going to come of this spicy drop of reactions to Selling Sunset. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous about Chrishell saying she doesn’t have the patience and is tired of all the “dumb bullshit”. Fingers crossed someone who makes the calls is paying attention because I cannot emotionally take another Oppenheim departure.