G Flip Reveals Chrishell Loves To ‘Get Amongst It’ At Gigs & Was Deep In The Mosh At Splendour

chrishell stause g flip splendour mosh

Keen eyes at Splendour In The Grass would have spotted an appearance from Selling Sunset‘s Chrishell Stause, who was there to support her partner G Flip for their massive Sunday set. But when it came time for G’s massive (one-handed) performance on the main stage, she was nowhere to be seen. That’s because Chrishell wasn’t standing side stage with a VIP — she was deep in the mosh.

G Flip told PEDESTRIAN.TV that Chrishell has a deep love for live music (not surprising considering her dad’s a musician) and would much prefer to be in the thick of the crowd instead of the stage wings.

“She was actually second or third row in the mosh with my mum. She gets amongst it,” they said.

“She’s like ‘I wanna see everything, I wanna hear everything’ so she’s like pushing through everyone in the mosh with a hood on with my mum.”

The attention wasn’t on the Selling Sunset star in the crowd, however. Punters soon began to realise that G Flip’s mum was among them and started handing her free drinks.

“Everyone realised it was my mum so they’re all giving my mum vodka shots and then my mum got hammered,” G Flip said.

“Then Chrishell’s having to like help assist my mum out of the mosh ‘cos she got lit during the set. It’s just a big, fun time for my family.

“She loves it, she’s such a music fan. [Chrishell] grew up going to so many gigs because her dad is a drummer. Her favourite thing is going to concerts and seeing live music so she had the best time. I’m so glad she was there to share that special moment with me.”

G Flip’s relationship with Chrishell was a big talking point on the reunion episode of Selling Sunset‘s fifth season back in May.

While G doesn’t see themselves joining the cast anytime soon and plans to “leave Chrishell’s show for her and do my music”, they said it was really important to see the cast talk about non-binary identity and pronouns.

“I think it’s just really good education-wise for people to understand what it is to be non-binary and how to use pronouns,” they said.

“I think a lot of people who watch the show or watched that reunion got an insight into what it is to be non-binary. You know, some people just aren’t educated on it or don’t even really know.

“Maybe some people had conversations in their houses about what it is to be non-binary or talked about gender or googled what it is. So I think that’s a positive to take away from it.”

Fingers crossed we maybe get a fleeting cameo from G Flip in the next season but I’m also respectfully not holding my breath. Simply love the normalisation of living out of the binary in massive Netflix reality shows, though.