Selling Sunset Queen Binch Christine Dished On Their ‘Tiered’ Salaries And Jason & Chrishell

selling sunset salaries christine quinn

Selling Sunset‘s queen binch Christine Quinn has spilt more tea about the inner workings of the show. This time she dished about their salaries and her read on Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause‘s relationship. Apparently cast members are copping different paychecks for their work on the luxe real estate reality show.

Hooly dooly, let’s get into this one, shall we?

Christine jumped on the Call Her Daddy podcast this week to chat with host Alice Cooper and the conversation naturally rolled around to the reality show.

The spicy star spilled the tea about who gets paid what for their onscreen efforts. Obviously, we’re taking this with a big ol’ grain of salt because it’s Christine and she’s no truth-telling angel. But it’s still fkn interesting anyway.

She said there are “three different tiers” when it comes to Selling Sunset salaries — and that she gets paid the most, duh.

“I get paid the most amongst Jason as well,” she said.

“But that wasn’t the decision of production or anything like that. That was me with my current entertainment attorney basically saying ‘this is my value’.

“I think it’s all about recognising your worth.”

So it seems the Selling Sunset salaries are not precisely doled out depending on who gets more screen time (or who stirs the pot the most to create chaos and drama) but literally who’s fought to be paid what they believe they’re worth.


“The majority of the cast is represented by one lawyer but obviously I had to find my own entertainment attorney and do my own thing,” Christine said.

“They told us that there’s tiers and I was the one who went to the whole entire cast and said ‘listen, if we want to get paid what I believe we all deserve as a whole, because I believe we are all equals, we need to band together and be on the same page’.

“But it didn’t work, some people were eager to sign their contracts right away which immediately tiered them in a different group. I was the last one to sign my contract so that was negotiated.”

So Christine’s a unionist now? Can’t wait for this plotline in season six. Get your bread, girl!

Christine also said the cast tries to renegotiate their salaries between seasons.

She said the first couple of seasons were stuck in one budget bracket which meant they weren’t even getting enough money from each episode to pay for their “glam” for the show.

Now? Well, she’s clearly on that tiny chair bag money and we love that for her.

Christine also spilt on one of the main plotlines in the recent fifth season of the red-hot reality show: Chrishell and Jason’s relationship.

This time she’s claimed the relationship between Jason and Chrishell was “one-sided” and pretty much entirely for the show. A showmance, if you will.

“It was a great storyline,” she said.

“I think that Jason did have genuine feelings for her.”

She went on to say that she thought Jason had more feelings for Chrishell than she did for him, which made it look quite one-sided.

“I saw the chemistry that Jason, you know, really liked her and radiated towards her,” she said.

Hachie machie that’s a spicy meatball.