Your Horos Are Here: Watch Your Step, Scorpio, Eclipse Szn Is Screwing With Your Relationships

We’re in a bonkers-ass period right now, with both Taurus Season and Eclipse Season in full force. Here’s what to expect next week…


My Aries fam are known for being straight-up and direct in all areas of life, but this week you’ll be especially feeling this energy in the realm of relationships as love planet Venus enters your sign on Monday, May 2. Speak your mind, bb. Regardless of who you might piss off! Something noice could come of it.


Take a load off and relax, Taurus. Not just because it’s Taurus Season PLUS your birthday, but also because Venus is heading into your chill zone on Monday, May 2, encouraging you to step away from the grind and recharge your batteries. Something tells me I don’t needa ask ya twice!


Whether you’re already part of a dream team or have yet to form one, this week bodes particularly well for linking up and learning that there’s power in numbers. On Monday, May 2, as Venus hits the group partnerships zone, expect sick opportunities to arise that you won’t be able to accomplish without the help of some trusted peeps.


Whatever you do, Cancer, do not slack off now! You’ve been working your water sign butt off all year but you mustn’t get complacent, because the powers that be are watching you and they’re v. impressed with what they see. Keep at it and you’ll be rewarded in no time.


No one does passion and ambition like a Leo, and this week, as Venus fires up Mars and heads into your realm of adventure, you’ll feel inclined to push the boundaries big time with something bold and brave. Something you’ve never done before. Don’t hold back, legend. You’re going places!


Love planet Venus hits your realm of intimacy this week on Monday, May 2, putting your eagle-eyed Virgo focus on your sex life. Do whatever it takes to reclaim that spark with your other half. And if you’re single, go nuts and enjoy sparking it up with whoever you damn well please.


This week is all about community for you, which I know you’ll love since Librans love linking up with other cuties. On Monday, May 2, your ruling planet Venus joins forces with your partnership zone, bringing forth opportunities to strengthen bonds and connections.


The solar eclipse that hits this Sunday will cause havoc in all your relationships. Something tells me you’re already on the outs with certain folks, and I’m sorry to say it, but Eclipse Season is to blame. Be kind to yourself as you navigate your way through the next few weeks. Tap into that Scorpio strength of yours and just keep fucking keeping on.


My Sagittarian pals love to be spontaneous and this week you’ll be feeling particularly adventurous as Venus hits your zone of fun as well as go-getter Mars. Since Venus is the love planet, these adventures could very well be linked to a certain someone or perhaps even result in a new certain someone.


You’ll really be feeling those Taurus Season vibes this week and want nothing more than to chill the hell out at home. This is particularly exacerbated by social planet Venus as it’s moving into the hang at home sector. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be on your lonesome, you’ll just be spending valuable time with your nearest and dearest.


Take this time to work on yourself and focus on things like self-care, upskilling, studying something new, searching for a new book to read or a new underground artist to stan. Something of that nature. Whatever it may be, just do something for you this week!


You’re feeling hella drained right now but don’t feel bad, Eclipse Season is doing a fucken number on all of us. Take this week to listen to your goddamn body for once and have some much-needed R&R time.

Matty Galea is the Senior Entertainment Editor at PEDESTRIAN.TV, as well as our resident astrologer who pens our weekly horoscope series, ‘Your Horos Are Here’. He also Tweets about pop culture and astrology and posts spicy content on Instagram.