The Photog Who Took The Iconic Selena & Hailey Pic Appears To Have Taken A Side In The Feud

Tyrell Hampton Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber Photographer Speaks Out About Decade-long Feud

If you’ve been on a social media detox for the last month you might’ve missed the resurrection of the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez beef, and celebs are still picking sides in this decade-long drama.

Although they’ve been feuding since the 2010s, the Selena and Hailey drama has reached a new boiling point over TikTok despite seemingly making up at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ Annual Gala in late 2022.

To give you a quick TL;DR: things between Hailey and Selena kicked off earlier this year after Hailey posted a TikTok that fans think was aimed at Selena as she was being body-shamed by the public at the time when Hailey dropped the video. Since then the pair, fans and some fellow celebs have chucked in their two cents on the drama.

NGL, some of the celebs who have picked sides were quite predictable in their choices, but some of them had us shook — I’m looking at you, Justin Bieber‘s sisters.

In a more recent twist, the photographer who took the iconic Hailey and Selena pic has subtly shown which side they have picked, and tbh it’s quite petty.

So to break down the chaos, here’s who is siding with who in this decade-long beef:

Hailey Bieber Supporters

Tyrell Hampton: Tyrell is the photographer and film maker who was responsible for the legendary, feud breaking Hailey and Selena photo in 2022.

The photographer has since deleted the photo of the pair.

According to pop culture TikTok account @Popbasedaily, Tyrell posted a Disney song challenge where they would dance to songs they would know or walk to the other side if they had no clue what it was. Of course, the only song they didn’t know was Selena’s iconic bop “Hit The Lights.”

@popbasedaily when will this end leave her alone already 🙄 #selenagomez #haileybieber #justinbieber #justineskye #jelena #jailey #tyrellhampton #fyp #viral @popbasedaily @popbasedaily ♬ Calm Down – Rema & Selena Gomez

Although the shade is quite subtle, it’s quite obvious which side Tyrell is vying for in this beef.

Justine Skye: American singer Justine Skye has been very transparent about which team she sides with in this whole celebrity kerfuffle.

Not only was she in the shady TikTok with Hailey, but she also inserted herself into the Hailey/Selena drama in early 2022. In a Snapchat Story, Justine made a swipe at Selena with a text post that read, “Making TikToks every day like you haven’t got a shitty makeup brand to run? Hmmm… just whack as hell.”

She also posted a selfie with Hailey saying that she would “protect her at all costs.” Iconic pop culture Twitter account Pop Crave reported that Justine denied posting the stories, claiming she was “hacked.”

Kendall Jenner: Kendall Jenner also made an appearance beside Justine Skye and Hailey Bieber in the shady TikTok.

A wild conspiracy theory that recently went viral also suggests that Kendall was  #TeamHailey since the start of the feud.

Dubai Gate is a Hollywood urban legend that involves Kendall Jenner, Gigi HadidCody Simpson, Hailey and Selena. Basically, fans allege that Kendall, Gigi and Cody (who was kinda dragged along because he was Gigi’s BF at the time) purposely took Selena to Dubai so that Hailey could spend more time with Justin over the 2014 New Year’s holiday.

It’s just a conspiracy theory, but if it is real… Yikes.

Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner made it VERY clear where she stands in the Hailey Bieber v Selena Gomez beef.

Amidst the Hailey TikTok that featured Justine and Kendall, Selena posted a random video where she talked about how she “accidentally” over laminated her brows.

Kylie then went on her Instagram Story where she wrote over a selfie, “This was an accident?” The random AF Story post was then followed by a screenshot of closeup brows in a Facetime call, with one of the brows being Hailey’s.

Many fans took this as shade towards Selena but it was quickly shut down after Kylie commented on a TikTok, labelling the drama as “reaching.” Selena replied to Kylie’s comment, writing: “It’s all unnecessary. I’m a fan of Kylie!”

Even though the beef seems squashed between her and Selena, the Insta Story on Kylie’s end was way too obvious IMO.

Selena Gomez Supporters

Pattie Mallette AKA Justin’s Mum: This one is a bit murky, but I genuinely believe Pattie was trying to support Selena. Anyway, the tea is that some fans called out Justin’s mum for apparently liking and unliking a tweet from Pop Base where Selena announced that she would be taking a break from TikTok after the whole eyebrow and Hailey debacle.

Pattie then tweeted, “Hate is ugly. Don’t be ugly,” without any context or tags.

TBH my whole takeaway was that she was wanting to support her son’s long-term ex.

Jordyn Woods: Jordyn Woods, the infamous ex-bestie of Kylie Jenner, subtly showed her support for Selena Gomez by posting a video on her Snapchat Story of her using a Rare Beauty Lip Pencil. FYI, Rare is owned by Selena Gomez.

She captioned the video, “love this lip liner.”

This is definitely a deep cut towards the KarJenners due to Jordyn’s history with the reality TV family.

ICYMI: Jordyn was super tight with Kylie but things got rocky when it was made public that she had hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

Pia Mia: Just like Jordyn Woods, Pia Mia was a former friend of Kylie Jenner and the shade that the she threw was super subtle.

Two weeks ago, she posted a makeup tutorial using Rare beauty products. To soundtrack her video, Pia chose “Calm Down,” Selena’s track with Rema.

@piamia💗🎀♬ Calm Down – Rema & Selena Gomez

Zayn Malik: In the midst of all the recent beef between Hailey and Selena, former 1D member Zayn Malik followed Selena on TikTok.

It’s also worth mentioning that Zayn’s mother also followed the Only Murders In The Building actress. Selena returned the favour by following the singer back.

Now this is tea because a) Zayn is Gigi Hadid’s ex — incase you forgot Gigi was a part of Dubai Gate — and b) Hailey is besties with the Hadid family.

The tea is boiling!

Allie Bieber: Allie Bieber is Justin Bieber’s little sister. On Monday she posted a Selena Gomez fan-edit to her TikTok. Super random but at least we know where she stands.

Allie also tagged Selena’s official account!

@.alliebieber ❤️ @Selena Gomez ♬ Back to You (Remix) – Selena Gomez

And to top off Allie’s support for Selena….

Jazmyn Bieber: Another one of Justin’s sisters has subtly shown their support for Selena.

Jazmyn commented on her sister’s Selena edit with heart eye emojis. She also posted a TikTok lipsyncing to The Weeknd‘s”Party Monster”, mouthing the words, “eyes like Selena.”

And for those who don’t know… The Weeknd is Selena’s ex.


Justin Bieber: Okay, okay. It should be quite obvious that Justin would side with his wife but that’s not the case. A lot of rumours are trickling down the grapevine that claim that there’s trouble in paradise.

Most recently, the singer was called out for his awkward AF photos with Hailey during his birthday in March.

 Source: Instagram / @justinbieber

There’s also a lot of other goss, including a rumour that Justin sent flowers to Selena in 2022 for the SAG Awards.

@laurenisgossip I’m smelling FAKE news, even if it’s true – why can’t they be friends? #jelena ♬ original sound – Lauren | Pop Culture Gossip

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Bieber family group chat.

As the drama continues to unfold, it’ll be very interesting to see who’s on team Hailey and who’s on Selena.

Maybe they’ll make up in the near future…. never say never.