A Fkn Wild Conspiracy Theory About Jelena, Hailey Bieber & The Jenners Has Resurfaced Online

Justin And Hailey Bieber Dubai

So we’ve been covering almost every shady move in the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez drama, but a new ‘urban legend’ is coming to light, and if it is real it’s super ‘UCKED.

Not that we made a timeline of the drama or anything, but Hailey and Selena have had beef since the 2010s due to both of their histories with “Baby” singer, Justin Bieber, with Selena being an ex and Hailey being his wife.

To give you a quick TL;DR, shit hit the fan recently when Selena was getting publicly body-shamed and Hailey posted a shady TikTok mouthing the audio “I’m not saying she deserved it but God’s timing is always right.” And ever since then the girlies have been clashing, and celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Jordyn Woods and Pia Mia have chucked their two cents in on the drama.

With everyone’s newfound interest in this decade-long beef, ppl are putting on their best Nancy Drew outfits and investigating timelines and cross referencing evidence between Hailey and Selena.

One of the biggest revelations/urban legends to come out of this beef is most definitely Dubai Gate.

@thickbrunette66 #kyliejenner favorites @susanavlsqz video about #gigihadid and #kendalljenner taking #selenagomez to dubai on NYE 2014 so #haileybieber could spend the holiday with #justinbieber ♬ original sound – michelle 🦋

Iconic pop culture curator Deuxmoi briefly spoke about Dubai gate on their podcast Deux U. 

Legend has it that in in 2014, Kendall, Gigi Hadid and Australia’s answer to JB, Cody Simpson purposely took Selena Gomez to Dubai so Hailey could spend the New Year’s holidays with Justin.

Source: Instagram / @Selenagomez
Justin And Hailey Bieber Dubai
Source: Instagram / @Justinbieber

To back up this urban legend, Deuxmoi posted a TikTok where Kendall can be seen saying “my first two times were horrible” when she was asked if it was her first time in Dubai.

@editsforwhoever0 Kenny in Dubai💜💚❤️#kendalljenner #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #foryouplease #jonathan #kardashian #jenner #kardashianjenner #jennerkardashian #party #818 #818tequilia @Kendall Jenner ♬ original sound – Isabella❤️‍🩹

Deuxmoi dived deeper into the theory, going all the way back to when Selena and the Jenner sisters went to Coachella in 2014.

According to the pop icon curator, Selena spoke in an interview about “friendships being toxic and bad” and people assumed it was the Jenner sisters. Deuxmoi also mentioned the rumour that Kylie, Kendall and Kourtney Kardashian hooked up with Justin!!!


I’m sorry, but if Dubai gate is true, I’m gagging that all this effort is spent on bloody Justin Bieber. I’m literally CACKLING.

The timelines are quite suss and the evidence is very fishy but it’s so unlikely that either Selena or Hailey or anyone else involved in the trip will ever address Dubai Gate.

The whole urban legend is messy AF, just like the recent drama that’s currently unfolding.

Now excuse me as I gather my leftover braincells after deep-diving into this drama for the last five days….