Hailey Bieber’s Dad Shared An IG Post Outing Her And Justin’s Marriage Woes & She Is Pissed


Stephen Baldwin, AKA Hailey Bieber‘s dad, encouraged fans to pray for her and Justin Bieber‘s marriage because they’re apparently going through a bit of a rough patch. Someone check if that man is a Selenator because this is hater behaviour!

Baldwin shared a video posted to Instagram by Victor Marx (founder of Christian org All Things Possible Ministries) of Justin playing the guitar and singing “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”.

Overlayed on the video were the words: “Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection and to draw close to the Lord.”

Alongside the video, Marx wrote that he “seldom like[s] to post about certain folks in the limelight because of the negative comments we get” but urged people to pray for Hailey and Justin because of the “special challenges” they face as celebrities, and the “spiritual warfare” which he was concerned could “ship-wreck” their marriage.

Image: Instagram.

Of course, this post on its own is probably well-intentioned. But given the endless speculation around a breakdown of Hailey and Justin’s relationship — Hailey has been fighting rumours claiming there is drama between them for many years — her father sharing it is, well, extremely awkward.

Unsurprisingly, Hailey is reportedly super “pissed” about the whole thing.

A ~source~ (grain of salt, etc) told TMZ that the pair are dealing with a “private matter” which Marx and Baldwin are aware of, and Hailey did NOT appreciate the pair drawing attention to it and further adding fuel to the flames of her haters.

Honestly, so fair. I, too, would be livid if my father outed my marriage woes when fans of my partner’s ex still believe he should be with her instead and hate me for it.

I mean, I’m yet to forget reports that Justin yelled at Hailey, or the other allegations of weird behaviour. Remember the time he abandoned her to paparazzi and skated away, or when he slammed a door in her face?

I’m just imagining that TikTok audio “All that work, and what did it get me?” playing over Hailey right now.

Poor lass can’t catch a break.

Image: Getty