Gigi Hadid Confirms She And Zayn Malik Are Expecting Their First Bubba In Cute-As-Hell Video

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has finally confirmed her pregnancy, after days of speculation, while speaking to one Jimmy Fallon – and yes, there’s video evidence of her confirmation.

“Obviously, we wished we could have announced it on our own terms but we’re very excited and happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support,” she gushed in a sneak peek from The Tonight Show.

“Especially during this time,” Gigi, who is reportedly pregnant with a baby girl, added, “it’s a nice silver lining to be able to be home and be together and really experience it day by day.”

Fallon also congratulated Zayn Malik, saying, “Tell him [that] if you guys need anything, call Uncle Jimmy. I’ll make sure you guys are taken care of.”

“He’ll have the best Uncle Jimmy!” Gigi responded.

Catch the full vid below: