As you may or may not be aware, today is Friday the 13th.

Yep, that day that strikes fear in the heart of the superstitious everywhere? That’s today.

But while this unholy day usually conjures an image of terror, this year is different than any other year and it’s all thanks to our good friend the Full Moon.

You see, this year’s Friday the 13th coincides with a Full Moon, and not just any Full Moon, but the Harvest Moon which is a very rare and special convergence that won’t happen again until 2049, according to The Farmer’s Almanac.

While the moon doesn’t reach full illumination tonight, per se, it does reach 98% which is pretty damn high and therefore we will have major access to the powerful energies of the Harvest Moon.

What on god’s green earth is a Harvest Moon, you ask?

It’s an annual lunar occurrence that is believed to be a time of lowering your guard and opening your heart to empathy, peace and love.

And so because Friday the 13th coincides with the divine Harvest Moon, neggo vibes are negated and instead good luck and blessings come our way.

As I mentioned earlier, the moon will reach 98% illumination tonight, later becoming 100% full during the daylight hours of Saturday at 2:32pm.

Metaphysical wisdom tells us that we’ll have access to the Full Moon’s energy the night before, the night of and the night after it’s fully illuminated, so use the next few nights to tap into lunar power.

As you go about your regularly scheduled Full Moon ritual, be mindful of the Harvest energy and make your intentions and wishes clear to summon your greatest desires.

Image: Getty Images