Bestselling romantic novelist E.L. James, the thirsty goddess who brought us the extremely horny 50 Shades trilogy, is working on a new book for you to hide under your pillow.

But this time, rather than focusing on a modern-day BDSM love story, her upcoming book, The Mister, has more of a sophisticated feel.

“It’s about an aristocratic Englishman who meets a young woman,” the author told NBC’s Today. “It’s a 21st century Cinderella [story].”

The book follows the budding romance between the wealthy green-eyed babe Maxim Trevelyan and Alessia Demachi, according to Today, and is set in London, Cornwall and the Balkans.

“It’s hopefully another inspiring love story with two completely new characters, doing their thing,” James told Today correspondent Keir Simmons. “Shenanigans ensuing. Boy meets girl, you know.”

According to the book’s press release, it’s “a roller-coaster ride of danger and desire that leaves the reader breathless to the very last page” with “utterly believable” characters.

E.L. James, The Thirst Lord Behind ’50 Shades’, Has Written Another Spicy Novel

While the book is a far cry from her breakout trilogy that launched the extremely successful and fappable movie series, James insists that there’s plenty of banging in The Mister.

“I don’t know how to ask this, but is there …” Keir asked James on Today.

“Yes, lots,” the author responded with a laugh. “It’s a passionate, erotic love story. ‘Erotic’ is the word you were looking for. It’s not 50 Shades erotic, it’s erotic because it’s not 50 Shades. It’s a completely different story.”

James said she expected most of her readers to be female, explaining: “I write for women. To think of men reading this stuff makes me embarrassed.”