First ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Poster Confirms That Jamie Dornan Wears A Suit Like A Boss

The first Fifty Shades Of Grey poster was revealed today by Universal. It shows Jamie Dornan as billionaire-hunk-of-man-meat-industrialist Christian Grey, gazing out across a cityscape.

It also serves as a friendly reminder of the worldwide release date, Valentine’s Day 2015. Nothing says ‘Valentine’s Day’ like a movie about a some good old fashioned S&M.

How suggestive.

The film adaption of the E. L. James novel has had a tumultuous past, with Charlie Hunnam bailing on the lead role, citing ‘scheduling difficulties’. Which, we’ve heard, is a polite way of saying ‘fan backlash’. Recent rumors around the production have also indicated there might be tension between the author and director Sam Taylor-Johnson over creative differences.

“E.L. James wants the movie to match the book exactly, but Sam has a different perspective. Sam is reminding E.L. she writes books and she makes movies. This has caused some tension between the two of them.”

Well, at least the poster looks good.

Via Deadline