A Former Senator Called Out Ciarran’s Dumb As Fuck Bro Code Schtick At The National Press Club

Bachelor in Paradise drama has now reached the highest echelons of Australian society, despite the fact the show ended weeks ago. But it’s a little more serious than just spilling tea.

Former Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, who currently chairs family violence awareness group Our Watch, says Ciarran‘s stupid fucking “bro code” perpetuates a dangerous trend of men acting as if they own women.

“When Bachelor in Paradise star Ciarran Stott – no relation – says if you want to date my ex-girlfriend, you have to ask me, in some sort of perverse brother code, you cannot underestimate the potential message that sends to young people and risks endorsing outdated stereotypes,” she said.

“I do not deny the influence of popular culture, especially at a time when we are probably watching a bit too much iView and Netflix.”

The National Press Club is the place to give a speech if you want to raise an important issue. It’s an association of journalists, businesses leaders and members of the public service based right around the corner from Parliament House in Canberra.

Violence against women is a serious problem in Australia, hence why Stott Despoja was using one of the largest platforms available to talk about it. Namechecking Ciarran shows just how toxic that behaviour really is.

For most viewers, it sure looked like Ciarran was weirdly possessive over his ex Renee. He’s since admitted that it looks bad, but reckons that’s not what he’s like in real life.

Regardless, it’s a dangerous example to be setting for countless of young Aussies. No matter how much the producers may have exaggerated it, there’s no denying that he was still a fuckboy of the highest order, and treating women like that is not on.