Chrishell Stause Slammed People Questioning If She Still Wants Kids ‘Cos She’s Dating G Flip

Chrishell Stause has hit back at people asking if she no longer plans on having kids now that she’s dating Aussie muso G Flip. Because apparently the concept of non-heterosexual parents is still mind-boggling to some people.

Chrishell took to Insta to dispel the misconception that she no longer wants kids because she’s in a queer relationship.

Basically, someone replied to a pic of her with G Flip and said: “You didn’t want to have children?”. Chrishell then reshared a pic of the message on her Insta story.

“Please stop asking me this. At least this one didn’t include hate I refuse to give a voice to by reposting,” she said.

“I plan on adopting. I understand being on Selling Sunset entitles people to questions and my life in a way.

“But I am tired of this question.”

Um yes, as you fkn would be.

Not all queer people want to be parents, but for those that do there are myriad options — everything from IVF to surrogacy to sperm donation. And there are ways to create a family that go beyond the nuclear structure of a Mum, Dad and two kids.

Assuming that Chrishell falling in love with a non-binary person somehow isn’t compatible with her desire to have a family is misguided and offensive.

“I fell in love with a person,” Chrishell continued.

“It’s not that scandalous. Love is a beautiful thing.”

Say it louder!

The reason people seem so insistent on quizzing Chrishell about her parenthood plans is because she broke up with her ex-slash-boss Jason Oppenheim over the fact he doesn’t want children.

Chrishell posted another reply on her Insta story after a different user brought up her desire to have kids.

“I don’t think it was hate. I think your fans are a little confused because you were so set on making your own family and now you’re like I’m living my best life leave me alone lol,” the user wrote.

In very slay fashion, Chrishell hit back.

“I was looking to make a family with someone that wanted one as well,” she said.

“And if someone doesn’t know if they will ever want a child and is not open to adoption, then those are two things that don’t align for me.

“Nothing but love for my last relationship.”

She then gave my absolute FAVOURITE response to this sort of discourse.

“If you don’t understand after this answer then that’s ok. You don’t need to.”

In short: leave Chrishell and G Flip alone you bloody weirdos.