Chrishell And G Flip Dressed Up As Each Other For Halloween And It Was Iconic To Say The Least

Chrishell Stause dressed as a skeleton and G Flip in a sleeveless white shirt and black vest at Halloween party in Beverly Hills

Legends G Flip and Chrishell Stause have officially broken Halloween by not only dressing up as one another, but simply by being so iconic fans dressed up as them. Everyone else can just pack it up and go home now, thanks. No need to keep trying.

Chrishell shared a video to her Instagram story of a mysterious set of legs in heels walking towards a mirror. The camera panned up and, lo and behold, the owner of said hams was G Flip. They were also rocking a beautiful, bouncy blowout, a hot pink dress and a très classique Valentino bag.

They looked hot as shit. Absolutely slayed the house boots down.

Chrishell then walked into the shot in a singlet, sunnies, cap, sneakers, high socks and low-rise jorts with her Calvin Klein undies poking out. Tag yourself, I’m the carabiner hooked onto one of the belt loops.

She also looked crazy smexy. Like, absolutely dummy fit.

The whole thing was giving Freaky Friday but instead of Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, it was Chrishell and G Flip. The fact ‘GAY 4 ME’ by G-Flip and Lauren Sanderson was playing in the background of the video was the cherry on top, if I’m being honest.

Screaming. Photo credit: Instagram / @chrishell.stause.

But the gorgeous costumes don’t end there, folks! Fans were so inspired by the iconic couple that is G Flip and Chrishell Stause that they dressed up as them for the spookiest day of the year.

A heap of inspiration was taken from G Flip’s music video for ‘GET ME OUTTA HERE’ which, as we all know, is extremely horny. The drummer extraordinaire and Chrishell pash a lot. The Selling Sunset star wears a leather lil’ black dress. And there’s even a scene where it looks like Chrishell is choking G Flip. Smexy!

Chrishell shared some folks’ legendary costumes to her Insta story, which you can look at below. We love to see it.

Everyone absolutely served. Gorgeous.