Here’s What We Know About The Rumour That Coco & Cameron Cheat On Their Respective Sams On MAFS

Samantha and Cameron on MAFS, before the cheating scandal with Coco

There’s already plenty of evidence to suggest that the couple at the centre of this year’s MAFS cheating scandal are Cameron Dunne and Coco Stedman.

While the pair are each married Cameron to Samantha Harvey, and Coco to Sam Carraro – they’re expected to break away from their TV partners and set their sights on each other over the course of the season. 

Here’s all the intel we could find on the Coco-Cameron cheating scandal:

Cameron and maybe Coco were spotted in the premiere opening montage.

An opening montage scene in the season premiere seemingly gave away Cameron and Coco, featuring a man with a tribal tattoo who has his hand on a brunette woman’s leg. “I wish that the experts matched us,” the woman seemingly says.

The only other brunette in the cast is Belinda Vickers, who we can safely assume is not involved in this kind of scandal.

They were papped together on the street during filming.

The Wash have paparazzi pics from week two of production, just five days after the first dinner party was filmed, of Coco and Cameron returning to the contestants’ apartments together after a gym sesh.

When Coco spotted the photographer, she apparently walked ahead of Cameron so they wouldn’t be photographed together. Suss.

And So Dramatic! spilled on Cameron and Coco’s illicit romance.

So Dramatic! has the tea on what’s about to go down between Cameron and Coco on Married At First Sight.

“Coco felt a spark with Cameron at the dinner party and she set her sights on him immediately,” a source told host Megan Pustetto. “They were flirting all night, much to the disapproval of Samantha.

“Coco was annoyed on this night because it had gotten back to her that her husband Sam had been telling the other grooms that he wasn’t attracted to her because she didn’t have big enough boobs.”

The source added: “He was also joking about wanting to send other brides a DM and he told some of the blokes that he was keen on Bec [Zemek].”

According to the source, by this point Coco and Cameron were no longer sharing an apartment, so Coco invited Cameron over to hers “to spend the day together bonding”.

“Coco and Cameron both confided in each other about the problems they were having with their partners,” the source continued. “Cameron knows Sam [Carraro] from back home but they actually had beef, they didn’t get along. He tells Coco that [Sam]’s a pig to women and that she basically should leave him.

“Then, at the commitment ceremony, Cameron was gonna leave, but he chooses to stay in order to pursue things with Coco.”

But Megan reckons Coco may not receive the same kind of backlash as previous MAFS cheaters contestants.

“I don’t think we’re gonna be that mad at Coco for cheating on Sam,” she says, adding that Sam “disrespects” and is “really awful” to his TV wife.

Coco and Cameron apparently hook up but keep it a secret from the rest of the cast “and no one actually finds out about it until the final reunion”.

But there are hints at their intimacy among the cast. “There is a dinner party where it does come out that they do share a special connection,” Megan says.

People noticed their chemistry, clued Cameron’s TV wife Samantha in, “and it turns into a huge blowup”, but Coco and Sam denied they had a connection.

Megan added that Coco and Sam each decided to leave the experiment that week despite producers trying to convince them to stay. “They said, ‘Look, we do have a connection but we don’t want to do this on the show. We don’t want to be that cheating couple. So if something happens on the outside, it happens. But we’re not gonna stick around and see it play out on camera.’”

Apparently when the scandal comes out at the reunion “all hell breaks loose” and Coco doesn’t wind up in the best light.

Truly shocking areas for the show with perhaps the worst romantic track record on reality TV.