Watching Sam and Coco‘s wedding on MAFS is so far the highlight of the current season. It’s like a trainwreck of Rube Goldberg machine proportions that you just can’t look away from.

Sure, on one hand they’re both equally weird and annoying (and kind of likeable) in their own unique ways, but that also means they appear to be a terrible match thus far.

Sam couldn’t even hide his emotions while sitting next to Coco throughout the photoshoot, let alone wedding.

And that’s exactly what everyone on Twitter can’t stop talking about.

Their clash of personalities had everyone wondering what the experts were thinking when they paired these two unfortunate souls together.

After all, how could you match Coco with someone who doesn’t even know who *checks notes* Pop Smoke is!?

Heaps of people also couldn’t get over how Sam looked, for some reason.

We had our money on Eminem, but a few of y’all had other ideas.

Aside from the chaos couple of nightmares (or dreams, for those of us who froth MAFS drama) people also noted a handful of cursed celeb doppelgängers in our midst.

Turns our even dinky old Aussie TV can still get big names like Lady Gaga and, uhhh, Anthony Fantano.

And hey, there was even the return of our Dan Andrews lookalike, although his is a face we’ve all become accustomed to seeing on TV on a daily basis now.

So yeah, a big congratulations to the (not-so) happy couples.

May they bring us plenty of MAFS drama for months to come.