We’re Not Even A Week Into MAFS Yet & An Editing Fail Already Ruined The Cheating Scandal

married at first sight

We’re not even a week into the 2021 season of Married At First Sight and the fkn editors have already ruined their own bloody cheating scandal!

The show wouldn’t be what it is without a little bit of cheating sprinkled on top to spice it up a little, so the fact that there *is* a cheating scandal is almost a given at this point.

But considering we haven’t even seen all of the weddings yet, it’s a little disappointing to know who shacks up with someone else’s partner this early in the season.

At the start of Monday night’s episode, the opening montage scene gives us a glimpse into the shitshow that’s about to unfold, including a scene in which somebody says ‘I wish that the experts matched us.’

The first shot features the two people out of focus, making it impossible to decipher who it really is.

However, they then follow this up with a crystal clear shot of a tribal tattoo (which is almost always a red flag when placed on the body of a white dude with no links to the culture it represents).

Naturally, sleuthy fans online were quick to stalk through the Instagrams of every man on the show to work out who is cheating.

And we have a winner! (or… loser)

Cameron Dunne.

As for the bride in question, we’re not 100% sure.

What we do know is that she’s a brunette, which narrows it down quite substantially because there are only two on the show.

Basically, unless it’s an intruder, the bride has to be Coco Stedman or Belinda Vickers, and my spidey senses seem to think it’s Coco (judging by the voice).