Byron Baes was the talk of the town last year, before a little thing called the Delta outbreak came and took over the news cycle. But not to be outdone, the upcoming Netflix reality show is back making headlines again.

A lengthy report over at The Guardian claims that several of the show’s stars have posted content to social media that appears to show them flouting current COVID-19 restrictions. Uploading shit to your own Insta that could potentially get you into trouble? Seems extremely on-brand for a bunch of Byron influencers.

The report, written by journo Kelly Burke, alleges three of the show’s stars — Hannah Brauer, Jade Kevin Foster and ex-Bachie star Nathan Favro — were tagged on Instagram at a party at local venue Casa Luna on January 10.

According to The Guardian, these videos appeared to show the cast members and other punters at the venue dancing, even though there are currently restrictions on singing and dancing that remain in place until February 28.

The report claims fellow Byron Baes cast member Elle Watson also posted a video of herself dancing at a different Casa Luna party. PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to the venue for comment.

I highly recommend that you kick back with a beer and dive into The Guardian‘s meaty-ass yarn, which also points out some timing discrepancies with Byron Baes cast members Dave Frim and ex-Love Island star Elias Chigros.

The report claims that according to their own Instagram Stories, both COVID-positive Byron Baes stars appeared to go out in public maskless before their mandatory seven-day isolation period was up.

Byron Baes
Byron Baes star Dave Frim in an Instagram video which appears to show him out in public while in his seven-day isolation period. Source: The Guardian

Per The Guardian, Frim said in an Instagram Story: “I feel a bit wobbly but I’m gonna wash this thing out and have a test tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be negative.” Who’s gonna tell him that’s not how this works?

COVID-19 cases are spiking up in the Northern NSW Local Health District, with 1,219 new cases today, up from the previous 24 hours which reported 768 new cases.

It was announced yesterday that current restrictions will be extend to the end of February, so for goodness sake wherever you are: follow the rules, stay safe and get your booster shot when eligible.

Image: Instagram / @myfriendelias