Original Y2K Queen Britney Spears Watches Euphoria & Now We’re Politely Begging For A S3 Cameo

Britney Spears said she watched Euphoria to help with her anxiety and frankly whatever works for you queen. Now who do I have to call to get her a cameo in the next season? Zendaya, let’s go.

Britney posted about the show on her Insta. She shared a video clip from the scene where Rue shoots a burning Nate (Jacob Elordi) in a dream sequence. Big mood.

Britney Spears said she started watching Euphoria for Mental Health Awareness Week, which takes place in October.

“Watching this and being entertained by these crazy plots I suddenly felt all my anxiety go away … the show was like meditation!” Britney wrote.

Honestly, I can relate to the wild plots of Euphoria being pretty cathartic. Yeah the show is stressful AF to watch at times. But there’s truly nothing like an excruciatingly tense ep of Euphoria to make you forget about your own problems.

Plus it’s hard to beat the heart-warming powers of Fez and Lexi. If they don’t get together in season three we riot.

Britney also said she’s a little behind in the season, so let’s hope she gives us her review of the final episodes. I want Britney Spears’s take on Lexi’s play immediately!

Is she team Maddie or team Cassie? Personally I’m casting my vote for team Maddie. Brit is a woman of taste.

Britney’s stanning of Euphoria has led me to believe she’d be the absolute perfect cameo for season three. She seems to be just living her best life at the moment which we love to see. But should she ever decide to go into TV, Euphoria would be a great choice.

Brit as a teacher at Euphoria High? Inject it into my fucking veins. I feel like she could act as an iconic mentor to Maddie or Jules.

Britney was also an absolute poster girl for Y2K fashion. I wanna see Jules and Rue rocking her iconic double denim look. No Justin Timberlake though, thank you very much.

Just imagine the fits. So many butterfly clips, so many pairs of platform thongs.

And if Britney wants to make music again, a collab between her and Labrinth would be genuinely epic.

If Glee (of all fkn shows) can get a Britney Spears cameo surely Euphoria can too? Zendaya please. I’m asking politely.