King Of Euphoria Angus Cloud Keeps Tweeting About Wanting #Fexi To Happen & TBH We’re On Board

Angus Cloud AKA Fezco from Euphoria AKA the sexiest himbo I’ve seen on TV since Phil Dunphy from Modern Family has outed himself as a Fez x Lexi shipper. Relatable king.

Since this season of Euphoria started we’ve been given teases and hints of a possible situationship between Fezco and Lexi (Maude Apatow).

Every time the two characters interact I want to scream, cry and possibly throw up and the Euphoria fans of Twitter feel the same.

Guy who seems like a “bad boy” but is actually the sweetest, biggest heart-ed character on the show? With a severely underrated, funny, slightly nerdy-but-overshadowed girl?

Inject that shit into my eyes, ears and soul.

Tragically director-slash-writer Sam Levison seems to be more interested in doing fun dream sequences than actually advancing the ~plot~ of season two, so my fellow Fexi shippers are starving.

We are literally begging for crumbs and Angus Cloud agrees with us. After another Fexi-less episode, Angus wrote “we need more Fexi content”.

He’s right and he should say it. The TikTok stans are desperate for more footage of Lexi and Fex so they can keep making edits set to ‘Delicate’ by Taylor Swift.

Like, I would so much rather watch an episode of Lexi and Fez talking about Pride & Prejudice than see another second of Nate Jacobs on my screen. I want to see Lexi and Fez ranking the different flavours of fizzy drink at Fez’s gas station. I want to see Ashtray give Lexi a well-meaning but truly unnerving shovel talk.

Less gratuitous nudity, more Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow content!! Please!!

Cloud recently tweeted screenshot of an interview where he said that Shrek was his favourite rom-com. I think we can all agree, without a trace of irony: Shrek is a beautiful love story. If a fairy godmother played by Jennifer Saunders can’t break up your romance, nothing can.

Then he tweeted this solo pic of Shrek and Fiona captioned “real love”.

And THEN he tweeted a pic of Shrek and Fiona next to Fez and Lexi. The puzzle pieces…they’re coming together.

Somebody literally put Angus Cloud in charge of this show RN. And as if you needed any more proof, Cloud also tweeted a pic of Fexi fanart.

This king is in-ves-ted.

I’d honestly recommend following along with Cloud’s Euphoria recaps on Twitter because they’re funny AF, even when there’s no good sweet Fexi content.

According to him, “my manager doesn’t let me watch the entire season, so I’m watching in real time along with y’all lol.” Yeah, maybe it’s all a PR stunt, but as a Euphoria-watcher who is occasionally also a Euphoria-enjoyer, this one really resonates.

All this to say: thank you to my new ginger king Angus Cloud. #FexiRights.