A Euphoria Star Apparently Had A Bunch Of Her S2 Lines Cut ‘Cos She Had Beef With The Creator

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If you’ve been wondering why a certain Euphoria star has barely been in season two, a new anonymous tip to Deuxmoi might explain why.

Barbie Ferriera plays Kat, the badass plus-size girlie of Euphoria High. Her character had a pretty big role in the first season but she’s suspiciously been snubbed in the first few episodes of 2022 — especially in the premiere.

Well according to the ~source~ via TikTok, there’s a reason for that — apparently, a bunch of cast members didn’t vibe with the new season’s darker vibe.

The Deuxmoi source claims that Ferriera in particular clashed with the show’s creator Sam Levinson over this season’s dark vibe, even saying that she walked off set at one point. The source alleges that Levinson then cut a lot of her lines and storyline as a result of their tiff.

Now I’m not saying it’s true but it might explain why Kat is barely in the trailer or at the big New Year’s Eve party.


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The source claims that Barbs didn’t show up to the red carpet premiere because of the falling out which sucks if true. She and Alexa Demie were the only main members of the cast who didn’t attend. Take from that what you will.

It’s no secret that HBO dialed up the violence and mature themes this season, with the first scene even opening with a gang fight.

Shit has truly gone TF down in the first three episodes. Fez (Angus Cloud) smashed a bottle over Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) head. Kat — in one of Barbie Ferriera’s few scenes — had a wild sex dream where a Dothraki from Game of Thrones murders her boyfriend Ethan (Austin Abrams) and then has hardcore passionate sex with her on her bed.

A drug-addicted Rue (Zendaya) pushed her friends and family away and then tried to negotiate with a literal drug dealer about selling bags at school.

My high school trauma as a gay teen in an all-boys school pales in comparison to literally any of the storylines this season TBH.

In other alleged behind-the-scenes tea, Euphoria hotties Dominic Fike and Hunter Schafer were spotted together IRL and after this week’s episode, I ship it.