YES: Euphoria Fans Want Patrick Dempsey To Play The Present Day Version Of Cal’s Hot BFF

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This week’s episode of Euphoria featured a hot as hell scene in which the younger version of Nate’s (Jacob Elordi) dad Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) macked on with an equally hot dude.

In a flashback scene, we see how younger Cal (played by Elias Kacavas) had feelings for his best friend Derek (Henry Eikenberry).

But sadly, before the pair could explore their feelings, Cal finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant with Nate, and so he decides to get hitched and have their son instead.

Big fat bummer.

The scene was such a powerful queer moment, not to mention extremely sexy, leaving fans wanting more.

Since the episode aired, fans have been asking for all kinds of things, such as a potential prequel spinoff where we see more of what went down between the two.

Or perhaps even having present day Derek reunite with Cal. And who better to play Derek than the bloke who played Eric Dane’s best mate on his other best known show Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey, whose character was also coincidentally named Derek.

Euphoria is now streaming on BINGE and Foxtel.