The Maddy Vs Cassie Drama Took A Backseat For This Week’s Terrifying Euphoria Scene

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The internet was stressing in its boots after Monday night’s Euphoria episode but not for the reason we all expected we would be going in.

In case you missed it, Rue (Zendaya) spilled the beans on Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) affair with Nate (Jacob Elordi) to Maddy (Alexa Demie) during her withdrawal spiral in last week’s episode.

That meant that going into Euphoria season 2 episode 6, “A Thousand Little Trees Of Blood”, fans were expecting to see a Super Bowl-like fight between Cassie and Maddy especially after Maddy said she wanted to get violent. But that encounter took a backseat for a more terrifying scene: Nate being a violent, psychotic fuckhead.

Nate broke into Maddy’s room and pointed a gun at her head as he asked her to give him the sex tape CD of his dad Cal (Eric Dane) and Jules (Hunter Schafer).

He then played a twisted game of Russian Roulette with Maddy where he pointed the gun to her head and then his own. He made Maddy think he was going to shoot himself right on top of her before telling her after the whole ordeal that there weren’t any bullets in it.

It was a clear example of domestic violence and I’m honestly not quite sure if Maddy could ever mentally recover from the psychological trauma it’s left her.

Just some straight-up psychological trauma and emotional abuse from Euphoria High School’s resident mentally cooked cassowary of a man. Fuck Nate Jacobs, man. Me and my homies AKA the internet hate Nate Jacobs.

“All we asked for was a fight scene between Cassie and Maddy, not Nate pulling a gun out on Maddy,” wrote one user in a viral tweet posted when the episode dropped on HBO in the United States.

Another summed up the fandom’s reaction to this storyline: “So poor Maddy gets traumatised and Cassie is moving in with Nate? This is not what I wanted.”

Anyway here were the other best tweets about Cassie, Maddy and Nate in Euphoria season 2 episode 6.

Nate then surprised us all and gave the CD to Jules. He told her that he couldn’t explain why he wanted to give it to her because she’d laugh at the reason.

Some fans reckoned this meant that Nate had feelings for Jules. But he then invited Cassie to move in with him after ignoring her calls so honestly who the fuck knows with this man.

All I can say is that Jacob Elordi gave us a ~performance~. I’ve never hated a TV show character this intensely since Ramsay Snow in Game of Thrones.

Euphoria‘s latest ep as well as the rest of the series is available to stream on Binge.