I Wish I Had My Back Blown Out By A Dothraki Like This Teen In This Week’s Euphoria Ep

euphoria dothraki sex scene season 2 episode 2 recap
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From a raunchy sex dream with a Dothraki to a big secret finally getting revealed, Euphoria was wild this week. Here are the six spiciest moments from Season 2 Episode 2, “Out of Touch” that left me thinking my high school trauma was tame in comparison.

Kat’s horny Dothraki sex dream

We didn’t get a lot of Kat (Barbie Ferreira) last week but boy, oh boy, did that change here.

Despite the fact she appears to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship with Ethan (Austin Abrams), we learn that Kat isn’t actually happy. She’s struggling to say ‘I love you’ after he does and feels tortured by the fact she doesn’t know why.

Things take an on-brand turn when she dreams of a Dothraki from Game of Thrones killing Ethan in her bathroom before giving her a rough cheek-slapping good time. Is now the time to remind you that this show once explicitly referenced a smutty fanfic starring Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson?

euphoria kat dothraki sex dream

As Kat continues to toss and turn over her dilemma she is greeted by imaginary women like influencers and nerdy feminist teens in her room that reflect her subconscious. They try to gas her up as the confident badass she presented herself as in season 1 but she tells them (and ergo herself) that she’s not that. She’s depressed and unhappy and doesn’t love herself. Oof. Too real.

Then more of them appear and start to chase her in a terrifying scene ripped from an A24 psychological horror film.

Ali and Rue’s mum hooking up? It’s more likely than you think.

Rue (Zendaya) continues to go to Narcotics Anonymous while secretly taking drugs outside the school with her new PeteDavidson-looking mate Elliot (Dominic Fike). While at a meeting, she bumps into Ali (Colman Domingo) who offers to drive her home and introduce himself to her Mum (Nika King).

The two adults appear to hit it off, suggesting that they might end up K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Honestly, it wouldn’t be the wildest thing to happen in this show and might just be the thing that helps Rue get sober.

The scenes with Rue and Ali in the car felt paternal so I could see this potential development being good for her.

There’s not one but two love triangles brewing right now because this is a drama set in high school

In what reads as incredibly fitting of being a teen, there are two major love triangles at Euphoria High School right now.

First, there’s the one with Nate (Jacob Elordi), Maddy (Alexa Demie) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney). Nate and Maddy broke up last season and since then, Nate’s been sneakily hooking up with Cassie and even fantasises a life with her while in hospital. She’s even pregnant in it.

After Cassie texts him that them hooking up was a mistake, Cal (Eric Dane) rocks up at her door to interrogate her about what happened at the New Year’s Eve party. Cassie spills and later Nate tries to break things off with Cassie at an abandoned block of half-built houses. Instead, he ends up eating her out so whatever, this plot’s just gonna keep going, huh?

The second love triangle is with Rue, Jules (Hunter Schafer) and Elliot. Rue doesn’t seem to have any romantic feelings towards Elliot and sees him more as the only person in her life who enables her substance abuse. Elliot however might have feelings for Rue as hinted at during a scene with him and his sister (or cousin?). It’ll be interesting to see how this develops going forward now that Rue and Jules are finally dating, albeit clearly with communication problems.

I am once again manifesting tht Lexi and Fez get together

After Cassie tells Nate’s dad Cal that Fez (Angus Cloud) beat his son up, Lexi (Maude Apatow) goes to Fez’s store to check up on him. It’s worth noting here that she dresses up and the two straight-up glow when they see each other — what cuties.

Problems quickly arise when Cal walks into the store after her with a gun in his pocket and threatens them. Ashtray (Javon Walton) runs out back to grab a Glock (read: gun) in case shit goes south. It’s INTENSE.

Fortunately, Cal appears to just be bluffing and goes home to confront Nate. Anyway, here are some banging memes about it.



Nate spills the beans on Cal x Jules

At the end of the episode, Cal confronts Nate about why he had his face beat into. Nate then reveals to him that Jules told Rue who told Fez that Cal slept with Jules (a minor) and that Cal recorded it without Jules’ permission. Next to Maddy finding out about Nate and Cassie, it’s probably the biggest (and most dizzying) reveal of the series.

“Remember the classmate of mine you fucked,” he asked to which I screamed at a frequency only fuzzy little critters could hear.

Nate might be protecting Maddy from his father

Cal then asks where the CD of the criminal incident is and Nate just stands there seemingly hesitant. Either he doesn’t want to tell his dad that his ex-girlfriend has the tape or the showrunners just decided to end the episode there for dramatic effect.

Anyway, looking at the preview for next week’s episode, it looks like the drama don’t stop coming. Episode 3 is giving us some backstory on Cal and his crush on his male bestie (hoo boy), Jules confronting Elliot, and Rue presenting a business opportunity. Girlie has to be disassociating there, I just know it.

You can catch up on all the high school drama of Euphoria on Binge.