WATCH: The ‘Game Of Thrones’ S6 Bloopers Prove ‘Fuck’ Isn’t Valid Dothraki

WARNING: Spoilers. Obviously. 

Honestly, bless the concept of Comic-Con. Even ignoring all of the whiz-bang announcements that pop-culture juggernauts drop on us each time the convention rolls around, the sheer amount of gr8 stuff that emerges regarding the shows y’all already know and love makes the event worthwhile. 

Case in point: the new Game Of Thrones blooper reel, which released ahead of the show’s panel in San Diego. Watching the faces of the most emotionally ravaged characters on television somehow smile is a joy that cannot be overstated. 

The word “benevolent” can be overstated though, as demonstrated by a tongue-tied Peter Dinklage. Emilia Clarke (and the most expressive eyebrows in the game, bar none) has her own struggles with the Dothraki tongue.

Kit Harington somehow manages to sneak a wink to GoT fans circa six months ago, too. Cheeky bugger. Watch: