‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Won The HBO Game Of Thrones And It’s A Beautiful Thing

Anyone who has been watching Mad Men recently will understand that the moon landing was not only significant because science put a man on the moon but because of the larger symbolism regarding human connection.

Burger Chef felt it.

And very much like the moon landing Game of Thrones is event television, watching it is baaeeesekli tantamount to ‘global citizenship’ and everyone knows that, as they happily stare into their television or computing device on a Monday night, they are sharing an experience will millions upon millions of their fellow humans. It truly is beautiful.

As The Wrap reports: “HBO’s dragons-and-swords fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones’ has become the most popular series in the history of the premium cable outlet’s history, with the current season averaging a gross audience of 18.4 million total viewers.”

Until now the HBO record was held by The Sopranos, and their fourth season specifically, which held an average gross audience of 18.2 milli. Considering the current GOT viewer numbers do not even take into account the proper insane amount of people who procure their GOT via the magic of ~*Torrents*~

Game of Thrones belongs to everyone. 

Title image via pascalispunk
via The Wrap