Maude Apatow Had A Full Freak Out After Seeing One Direction & The Vid Is Us Re: Lexi And Fez

Love of my life Maude Apatow aka Lexi from Euphoria and daughter of Hollywood icons Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann made a highly relatable appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And by highly relatable, I mean she revealed herself to be a massive One Direction fangirl.

Stars, they’re just like us.

Maude revealed that she was asked to interview the band when she was 14 and the boys came to the US. Honestly, use that nepotism, baby! We love to see it!

“I had a popular Twitter page when I was like 13, and I decided I wanted to become a child journalist and they asked me to interview One Direction on their first trip to America,” she told Fallon.

Quaking and shaking at the thought that Maude Apatow and I could have been One Direction stan Twitter mutuals.

She also described the interview as the “scariest thing in my life”. I too would be scared of meeting One Direction, given the many many fanfics of teenagers being sold to them.

Fallon then produced a video of Apatow right before she did the interview and let me tell you it is the most relatable content I have ever seen in my life. Except I’ve never interviewed One Direction (boys, HMU).

It’s like looking into a camera and seeing a video of 15 year old me before the Midnight Memories concert.

In the vid, Maude Apatow is having such an intense fangirl breakdown that she literally can’t breathe. Legit, she’s basically croaking.

Also shoutout to Judd Apatow for having the most Dad Vibes ever, but on a mass scale. It’s like your dad posting embarrassing videos to his 14 Facebook friends but instead of your Uncle Jim laughing emoji commenting, it’s Sydney Sweeney

No, literally.

I’M ON THE FLOOR,” Sweeney commented. 

Tan France of Queer Eye fame also commented his amusement, writing “this had me HOWLING.”

Me too, Tan. But in like, jealousy.

Maude Apatow handled it like a champ.

When Fallon asked her “was it bad?” she replied “it couldn’t have been good!”.

I think I would’ve fainted if that was me so props to Maude for staying conscious.

Then Fallon produced a video of her post One Direction concert where she is literally just sobbing violently into her hands.

In probably the most iconic moment of the whole thing, Maude’s sister Iris Apatow turns to her in the vid and completely deadpan goes “Maude, you’re fine”.

The video then shoots to Leslie Mann looking slightly bewildered, which is the spitting image of the look my mum gave me when I had a 20 minute breakdown about ripping my life size Niall Horan poster.

Now I’m convinced that Maude Apatow and I are destined to be BFFs for life. Maybe we could even use our combined powers to get the band back together.

But for now: time to listen to ‘Night Changes’ and cry about One Direction again.