TikTok Is Frothing The One Makeup Product Used In Euphoria S2 To Keep The Cast Lookin’ Dewy AF

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May I have your attention girls, gays and Cassie Howard apologists amongst us. The head of Euphoria‘s makeup department has spilled the beans on how she gets the girls together, and I am simply frothing at the mouth. I’m about to enter my insufferably hot girl era, I can just feel it.

Euphoria Makeup Department Head Donniella (Donni) Davy gave the exclusive tidbit to US Weekly back in January, but now the word has reached TikTok and the girlies are living for it.

According to Donni, it is probbo king Sam Levinson‘s direct request that there be “no foundation” and “really dewy skin” on season 2. This would explain why you may have noticed a dramatic shift in makeup style from the first season, which gained a lot of acclaim for its out-there beats and colourful style.

Although the S2 girls look incredible this season, I do kinda miss the bold looks from S1.

“My department learned how to make the skin look really, really polished and fresh by using illuminating liquid skin products, like a drop of foundation and concealer to spot-treat,” she told US Weekly. Full faces of foundation are OUT.

The secret? Just one product. Indeed Labs Nanoblur Cream. They aren’t even paying us to gas up their product, it’s quite literally the backbone of Euphoria S2.

A TikTok vid from British beauty journalist Laura Capon has gone viral, which shows her trying out the product for herself. The video has popped off and already gained over 620K views. Turns out the product really is good at what it does.


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“They have a rule on Euphoria that they don’t use powder on set,” Capon said. “Instead Donni, who is the head makeup artist on the show, said she used Indeed Labs Nonoblur.”

“It hasn’t taken away all the shine but I’m guessing that’s the point, that it’s going to take away excess shine but still leave you with a very natural finish, ‘cause obviously real skin isn’t flat.”

Think of the product like an IRL Insta filter that just leaves you all shiny. It’s no colourful eyeliner in the shape of a lightning bolt, but if Euphoria S2’s makeup was more your style, then all you really need is one item.