Britney Spears Was Meant To Be At The Met Gala But Ditched For The Most Relatable Reason Ever

Britney spears ditched met gala

Britney Spears is a woman of the people and never have I felt such little doubt about a claim as I do now. Why, you ask? The pop icon was meant to attend the Met Gala this year, but she just… didn’t go. Because she wanted to hang out with her dog.

The Met Gala is the most prestigious event of the year for many celebs and I’m sure some would literally sell their soul for the much-coveted invite. I mean, the fact that this was the first year ever that the whole Kardashian clan was invited says it all. Anna Wintour is a savage.

But fuck that noise, because Britney Spears clearly does not care about the Met Gala hype. She is her own woman and we are blessed to be able to bask in her glow.

Britney ditched the 2022 Met Gala at the last second — despite never having been before — because she decided she’d rather have a bath, hang with her dog and chill in some PJs at home. A truly relatable queen.

“I was gonna go to Met Gala but instead I got in the tub with my dog and put pjs on!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

“I hate flying!!!”

Britney at the Met Gala, can you imagine? With the Gilded Age costume theme? The power…

It would have been too much for our mere mortal eyes. Perhaps it was for the best that we missed out on such an iconic appearance, I’m not sure we could have handled it. Kim’s Kardashian‘s Marilyn Monroe dress who???? We know what would have been front page news.

Considering the absolute hell Britney endured under her recently-abolished abusive conservatorship though, she deserves to do fuck all for the rest of her life. If she wants to spend the rest of her days taking Instagram nudes and dancing with her pets, then so be it.

It’s “go girl, give us nothing!” but in the most sincere and affectionate way possible. Live your life queen!