Gather round ye humble squires, the blue blood moon rests over yonder, and shall descend upon us on our most spirited day of rest, Halloween. What does this mean for thee? Where will you end up once November rolls upon us? Should you be investing in your uncle’s shoddy blacksmith business? The answers are all here.

Now don’t be scared, the blue blood moon isn’t some horror out of the third Twilight movie, it’s a pretty normal occurrence that swings by every 18-19 years, so we’re in for a fun time. This year’s however, falls on Halloween, which is a rare treat that bears extra astrological significance.

First off, a blue moon is any second full moon in a month. The moon isn’t actually blue, but it’s still a pretty cool occurrence. A blood moon is any full moon in October, which means yes, you survived one already.

In case you weren’t aware, all moons have names, like the Strawberry Moon in June and the Sugar Moon in March.

Alright, let’s get down to biz. What does this rare occurrence mean for you?


Hello, my scaly friends. Darkness is upon us this Halloween, but that isn’t a bad thing for you. Sure, big changes are coming for you because of Scorpio season, but this night is going to be about getting really deep in the feels.

Sure you might get into some dark and heavy stuff with your mind, but the good news is, this coming blue blood moon will give you the strength to be unafraid of darkness. Heavy I know, but it’s just for a night at least.

Libra Blue Blood Moon


Y’all love to think all the time, and really thrive in being mentally open to new things. This blue blood moon is going to shift that for a night, and will ask you to be more physically present.

Hang out with the fam, friends or someone you haven’t seen in a while. This moon will give you that extra push to be extra sociable and chatty, and there’s no better night than Halloween to see the ones you love.


Always vying for first place yet sometimes getting overshadowed is the mantra of the Taurus at this time of year. However, the blue blood moon is going to put all spotlight on you.

Try not to let it get to your head, and if you’re scared of where all this attention will leave you, just ask a Leo how to deal with it all. Also, try to just have fun this Halloween, you don’t need to try too hard to catch people’s eye.



Oooh, baby, it’s a night of pleasure for you. The blue blood moon means a great time for Virgos in almost every sense, but most importantly, in the arena of worldly pleasures.

Yeah, I know I sound like a vampire right now, but you get what I mean. Enjoy great food, great love, great company on this blessed Halloween. Lucky ducks.


I know it’s a time of enjoyment and spooky costumes, but the blue blood moon is about staying grounded my Capricorn friends. You’ve been working too hard this year to just lose it all in one night, so you might want to think twice before chugging down those extra seven shots.

Keep on your grind, let loose for one night, then continue as normal. You’re doing great!

Capricorn Blue Blood Moon


Always the centre of attention, this blue blood moon is going to be a pretty fun one for you lot. Not particularly for you, but for everyone else.

Sure everyone is going to be costumed this Halloween, but the real challenge this year for y’all is to let your true self shine. For once, all the eyes won’t be on you, so you can wind down the false personas and amped up personalities and just let yourself be free.

It’s just fun for everyone else because you’ll need to let people see the real you while dressing as… someone else. Good luck!


The blue blood moon is gonna be a fun one for y’all. Everyone will suddenly want your attention, your opinion, your presence. You’re going to be completely popular for the night, and after this year, you’ve earnt it.

Might want to mute those notifications Pisces friends, the phone is about to go AWF.

Pisces Blue Blood Moon


Nothing new here for you lot, it’s already Scorpio season, how much more attention do you want? Same news as before, this is a time for embracing the mystery and finding clarity in all of your relationships.

Now shoo and go back to enjoying your time in the sun. (Or moon, idk)


You’re coming out of your cage and you’ll be doing just fine! The blue blood moon is time for you to step on out and break out of your shell. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do, bare your truth to that one special person, let the world know just a little bit more about you.

Confidence is all yours this Halloween, do with it whatever you desire.



The blue blood moon affects y’all the least, so literally, just pour yourself a drink and relax. Or at the very least, let one of your faces rest for a night.


It’s time for change my archer friends. I’m talking new you under the moon. Become a goth, switch up and go for that skater look you saw on TikTok, honestly, the choices are all yours.

Halloween for us centaur binches is all about getting into that self-care and transforming ourselves to whatever we want to be. What better night to experiment with transformation than the spookiest night of the year?

Halloween Blue Blood Moon


You lot are mostly safe this Halloween, but it’s important that you don’t go absolutely batshit this spooky season.

Scorpio season dictates a season of selfishness and keeping things to yourself for the Aries, but upon the moon, you won’t just be tempted to give, but to give everything you have to a damaging level. Just… stay how you are for one night. Please. I beg of you.