The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse rises tonight which is a ‘yuge event in both astronomy and astrology.

Whether you’re whipping out your telescope or reaching for your crystals (or both!), here’s everything to know about the marvellous mystical occasion.

What happens during the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse?

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up at a certain angle so the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow.

When this happens, the moon turns a blood reddish colour, hence the name.

How does the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse affect us?

So that was the sciencey side of things, now here’s the witchy side: since this marks the end of eclipse season, it signals the conclusion of something in our lives.

For the tarot girlies out there, it’s the equivalent of drawing the Death Card. No one is actually going to die, and in this case blood won’t actually be spilled, but there’s a rebirth of sorts happening.

Over the next week or so (yep, its energy will carry over into the next few days), a chapter in your life will come to an end.

There’s a bittersweet feeling because change can be scary, but don’t be afraid, mates. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens.

Pay attention for opportunities that’ll help you kickstart these changes and welcome in fresh energy.

When can we see the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Australia?

Tonight’s eclipse will be visible for about three hours and 40 minutes from the time it starts changing colour at 8:09pm (AEDT).

What time to see the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in each state:

NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (AEDT): 9:59pm

Queensland (AEST): 8:59pm

South Australia (ACDT): 9:29pm

Northern Territory (ACST): 8:29pm

Western Australia (AWST): 6:59pm

When is the next Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse?

Be sure to cancel your Tuesday night plans so you can tune into this glorious event because we won’t see another one again until 2025.

Should I charge my crystals tonight?

Absolutely NOT. Here’s why.

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