Domino’s Is Making Roulette Pizza For Halloween Where One Piece Is Lathered In Ghost Chilli

Domino's Roulette Pizza

Domino’s is celebrating the spooky season by spiking your pizza with flaming hot ghost chillies and honestly, I am prepared to be spooked.

Starting from today (October 26) and lasting until November 1st, Domino’s is offering up their Halloween Roulette Pizza, which is essentially a Russian roulette game with your meal, where only one of the pieces is lathered in a transparent ghost chilli sauce.

The sauce is made from Yellow Bhut Jolokia chillies, which are one of the most extreme chillies in the entire world, sitting at 1,041,427 Scoville Heat Units. If that isn’t enough to shake the ghosts and ghouls right out of you, then I have no idea what is.

Katkami Ghost Pepper

When it comes to the Halloween Roulette Pizza, you can get this special surprise on any base you like, which means you don’t have to sacrifice nomming on your fave ‘za while on your path to tastebud destruction.

“It will give your taste buds an experience they will never forget and not knowing whether the next bite you take is the one with the hot sauce or not really adds to the thrill,” said Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight.

Halloween Domino's Roulette Pizza

Now if you’re too spooked to try out the Roulette Pizza, Domino’s is also flinging ghost cookies for the same limited time, and apart from looking more like cute little ghost owls, they also look HELLA delicious.

I dunno about you but mixing chocolate lave cakes with cookies spells a whole night of delicious. No tricks here, just treats.

Halloween Ghosts Domino's

Just to double-check if you’re sure about what you are getting into, every box that contains a Roulette pizza will also come with a special warning about just how insanely hot the ghost chilli sauce is.

Now while the Yellow Bhut Jolokia is often considered to be a little less hot than its red variant, let’s not get things twisted here. These are ghost chillies, the third hottest chillies in the world. So yeah, prepare thy lips for a kiss with the devil if you are going to head into this haunted challenge.

Me? I’ll be watching from afar with my ghost cookies. 0 Scoville Heat Units right there babey.